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Techno music resident, Monophaze

The saga continues

2017 is already far behind us and 2018 is already up to speed. At least for us, it is. The first month of this year started with 1 guest mix, 5 future stars mixes, 12 premieres and 2 interviews. On top of it all, we decided to keep going strong with Italian Techno talent Monophaze.

January’s dancefloor weapons

Last year he delivered fantastic work on a monthly basis. He made 10 fantastic techno infused guest mixes and he decided to continue this work in 2018. His first mix of the year has been published and sounds great. If all year will be like this, this year will end before we know it.

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At the end of 2017 we had a short chat. Find the interview here.

February’s craft

With the cold winter hanging over Europe, Monophaze dropped his second session of the year. Looking at the tracklist, he onece more proves to be a skilled selector known for bringing a perfect atmosphere with his techno music. This session will get all of your limbs warmed up in no time.

Monophaze’s April slice of techno

Spring started in Europe and here we are with a hot slice of techno. The third mix already from our Italian emerging talent. Hoep you all enjoy.

May session

With summer rapidly approaching, temperatures rising, Monophaze is back once again with a relentless & raw session filled with pumping grooves. If you are into techno, you’ve got to love his style. Every time he picks the right tracks for his mix. Never boring.

August exploration

This mix is an exploration of raw and more softer techno cuts, leaning to more tech house, which is an excellent choice in his track selection. All in all, this is yet again a fabulous mix for those that dig techno music! Enjoy.

If you like what you are hearing, check out the other sessions from Monophaze on Soundcloud.

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