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Dj r4ne played a fantastic set in a dripping cave.

Techno on the caves: Prisma Cast #104 with r4ne

Have you ever imagined the sensation of listening to a Techno coming from the bottom of the caves? It is exactly this experience that you will have when enjoying the Prisma Cast #104 signed by r4ne.

Recorded inside an old railway tunnel, the livestream starred by r4ne makes the perfect match with the darker sound density of his identity, with the structures of the chosen space, which gives a characteristic touch to more sober and gloomy atmospheres.

The place was chosen because I like castles and caves a lot, also it combines 100% with the style of sound I like to play, something more intimate and darker.


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Despite the unique visual, r4ne had to face some challenges to make the recording happen. Having a team of eight people to make this project possible.

The main challenge was to assemble the entire structure and make the recording happen. On the day of the recording, the cave was wet and leaky. I don’t know if you noticed when watching the video, drops were falling during the entire set, including on the equipment.

It was difficult to set up the structure in general, because of a complex and lighted scenario. And, of course, taking this whole structure into the cave was not easy, as there were many stairs to go down to reach the location.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the set. The set, which is approximately 75 minutes long, represents the strong characteristic of the artist to manipulate the Melodic Techno atmospheres, with impressive mixing and intense melodies. Bringing tracks from Binaryh, Tale of Us, VNTM, Radio Slave, Brian Cid, Paul Anthonee and the releases of his label Prototype and of Prisma Techno, r4ne establishes a real fit with the scenario, lighting and sound he brings to the livestream.

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