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TGMS findings – music & news

TGMS Findings: music & news

Another week and yet a lot of news has been spread. We made a short selection of interesting items. Enjoy.

  • Can SoundCloud Strike a ‘Spotify-Like’ Licensing Deal?
    SoundCloud, Spotify’s closest rival, entered into negotiations this past spring with major record companies.
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  • What’s The Sound That’s Inspired Dance Music For 25 Years?
    DJ Pierre drawing a line that traces modern day electronic music all the way back to Chicago in the 1980’s.
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  • How Do I Legally Upload Mixes To YouTube?
    Be careful with what you upload to Youtube.
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  • The World Famous Beat Junkies are launching a new site soon and are dropping all sorts of dope material leading up to it.
    Check out their ‘Watch The Sound’ series »
  • Podcast selection
    In the past year we’ve discovered some great podcasts and radio shows we’d like to share with you.
    Tune in & listen »
  • Pioneer unveils the new DDJ-SX2
    Leading hardware manufacturer Pioneer has just revealed full details about the impending fall release of the new DDJ-SX2 featuring integration with the newly announced Serato Flip feature.
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