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Lorraine Roar

TGMS Future Stars 34: Lorraine Roar. A deep journey with a dark touch.

Emerging music producer Lorraine Roar dropping a melodic, warm and deep journey with a dark touch.

Lorraine Roar is a Spanish music producer and DJ based in London, whose endless passion for music started at a very early age – she began playing the guitar when she was only 8 years old. Over the years, she experienced a great variety of diverse music genres, but it was only electronic music that made her deeply fall in love.

Lorraine Roar started her career as a producer in October 2016, when after only a few lessons she quickly stood out, becoming one of the most talented students in the school. Her final project “Endless Road” became her first ever official EP, published in March 2017 by DJP Label.

Just a few months later, showing an amazingly rapid music evolution, the artist truly emerged on the electronic music scene with her great second EP “Kingdom” by Famara Records, in which she got hold of the musical style that defines her today.

In 2018 you can find her performing and deeply immersed working on her own new tracks, as well as releasing several collaborations with other great international artists, such as her recently published new EP “Claroscuro” by Tripping Records.

Lorraine’s musical touch brings inner warmth, shaping emotionally steady and dark powerful bases, wrapping the audience with authentic breathtaking melodies that culminate in an energetic atmosphere which makes you want to move your body but will also haunt your heart and mind.

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A touch of Lorraine Roar

Where do you come from?
I’m from Madrid, Spain, but I currently moved to London.

Tell us about what makes that place special?
Madrid is a city full of life where you will never get bored! It has the perfect combination of good weather, nice food and friendly open-minded people, which makes it a great place to live.

London is a huge & beautiful city that also offers a lot in many ways. Professionally, living here is giving me the opportunity to get closer to the electronic music scene. It has a rich club culture, being one of the most vibrant and active in Europe. Usually, you’ll find big artists performing here, as well as talented emerging DJ’s and music producers.

What have been the main influences that got you started with electronic music?
I have always loved music of course and I started playing classical guitar at a very early age when I was being influenced by a lot of different genres such as metal and rock. However, I always had a great love for electronic music. In my teenage years I started listening to trance music and gradually I became more into techno, progressive house, IDM and downtempo.

How has your music been influenced by other artists, musicians, or life in general?
There are many musicians who inspired me in the last few years when I think my music has evolved. But if I have to name one artist, I definitely fell in love with the deep melodies and powerful drums of Stephan Bodzin when I discovered him. His music made me want to dig deeper into that kind of sounds.

How would you describe your sound and style?
Melodic and inner electronic. I love music that is able to awaken feelings, to tell stories without words, blending emotional notes and chords with dark powerful bases that culminate in an energetic atmosphere, making the perfect balance between party and an evocative experience.

What can we expect from the mix?
I wanted this mix to catch my most inspirational sounds. A melodic, warm and deep journey with a dark touch.

What is your absolute favourite track of the moment?
Wir – Stephan Bodzin (Edu Imbernon – Coyu Remix)

TGMS: Awesome track!! Just like your opening track from the mix. David August is one of our personal favourites.

What is one thing that would make your musical career more successful?
I believe the most important thing to be successful is to never stop learning. I always say to myself “the harder you work, the further you get” and I apply this to everything I do. This way I think I will be able to expand my knowledge and improve my abilities in music production.

I will also try to keep finding things that motivate and inspire me, I think inspiration is essential in an artist’s life.

Where do you see yourself in 3 to 5 years?
I’m really enjoying the city where I live currently, but I would love to live in Ibiza for a few years before I come back to Madrid. I would like to see myself fully dedicated to my artistic career and combine it with other jobs that were related to the music industry, for example being part of a Record Label, writing for a music magazine, working on an electronic music radio or promoting my own party events.

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