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Duc In Altum providing a nice mix in the Tanzgemeinschaft Future Stars series.

TGMS Future Stars #111: Duc In Altum

Duc in Altum, today’s guest on our Future Stars series, means “to go out into the deep” in Latin and that phrase will make total sense once you listen to some of this couple’s releases on labels such as Rhizome, Cabana Music and Serialism. 

The duo took their avant-garde, minimalistic beats to festivals like Sunwaves festival,  Exit Festival, No Sleep Belgrade and Epizode Albania, as well as clubs like Porto’s Gare, Geneva’s Audio Club and Belgrade’s Half Club.

They also have a close musical relationship with world-famous design-club D.Edge, in São Paulo, Brazil, the country where the two met — Eric Frizzo Johnson is Brazilian and Arjana Vrhovac Jonsson, Serbian — and where they first captivated their audience before exporting their sound to the rest of the world.

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Where are you from and what do you find inspirational about where you’re living?

Hello guys, it’s great to be on board with you. We take elements of cultural heritage from both countries and try to blend them in our own original approach. We are inspired by Brazil and Balkans as well, combining our origins and musical education from both parts of the world, as we come from different backgrounds. 

Where does your passion for electronic music come from?

We both have been clubbers and also had some musical influences in our families who passed this to us. We grew up on 80s synth-pop and new wave influences, while eric on the other hand had rock and samba influences from an early age.

We meet in Sao Paulo and decided to make our own party in 2013, and since then we practically never stopped developing and always learning. 

How has your music been influenced by other artists, musicians, or life in general?

Music had been an essential part of our lives, always. Because Eric is a painter and was inspired by music in his paintings. Also, because I was a ballroom dancer for 16 years. We find that music is universal speech. We had been influenced by a large array of artists, and we like to listen to literally all kinds of music being jazz, electronic, etno from different countries so we try to make a blend. Life and music always go hand in hand, because what currently influences and inspires you in life, automatically transcends to your musical creations.

What excites you the most as a DJ/producer?

The sensation of being connected to the energy of the place and connected to people. The sensation of always experiencing different things and growing as an artist and as a human. Pushing boundaries within yourself and trying to always go deeper. That’s what our artist name “ Duc in Altum” stands for.

How do you see your future within the electronic music scene?

We see ourselves as participants in the stream of music consciousness. We are always going to be up to date with new trends and what is going on but never compromise on our original approach because this is something most important to us. We wish for our music to reach and touch people from many countries and cultures, that is our great motivation. 

Any news to share regarding upcoming work?

We are currently working on new next releases for the Berlin-based label “Serialism” and also a couple of remixes for one Australian artist and one Brazilian artist. Also soon we are going on a vinyl compilation in Russia for a label there> we will let you know very soon 🙂

Thank you.

Thank you for having us!

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