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TGMS podcast series: deep melodic groove by anders.

(Image by Ingeborg Nyhammer Mellingen)

Busy days here at Tanzgemeinschaft. Last weekend we published a very hot podcast made by Gullen in our TGMS Podcast Series. In the tracklist you could find a great young artists called Anders.. Coincidence or not, our next podcast this week comes from no one else but Anders..

We got in touch via Soundcloud and started talking. He told us about his recent release on Parquet Recordings called Badeland. Three deep & dark tech tracks just the way we like them. Take some time to listen to the album preview. EP is out since last week. Grab your copy »

So back to “Anders.”. His real name is Anders Erenstsen Lygren and comes from the the cold but beautiful Norway. He mentions a lot of snow and rain. A perfect excuse for parties and always having friends over and playing music. And so it seems it also started out for him.

Here is his short story:

I had a friend who was already doing electronic music and was getting somewhere with his music. I was really looking up to this guy, so I bought Fruity Loops and just jumped right in.

After some months of practice and of course a lot of failing, mostly failing in fact, I began to feel that I could go somewhere with this. Me and my friend, Terje Bakke, started a duo called “Zap The Monkies” and signed a first record deal with “O Recordings”.

After making a lot of tracks together we finally created our own “sound” in a way so to speak. And soon it felt that we were going the way we wanted to go and formed the duo “Terje & Anders”. Signing two EP’s to the German based label “Lördag Records” and one EP on “Snejl“.

After a period of cooperating together I found out that I wanted to try different styles of music and play in bands and more. So we split up. He is still going strong with his electronic music and I took a new start … solo.

Just released “Badeland EP” on the magic “Solee’s” label “Parquet Recordings“. The EP has already gotten thumbs up from people like Eelke Kleijn, Dubfire, Guy J, E-Spectro, Van Did, and many more.

I’ll have forthcoming releases on Cinematique, Traumwelten and Midway!

Peace and love and sun and no war please! Hope you all enjoy my mix for Tanzgemeinschaft.


  • Groj & Van Did – Outdoor [parquet rec.]
  • Joachim Pastor – Oulan bator [hungry music]
  • Teho – Au de la des ombres [klangwelt]
  • Clawz SG – Gwendoline (e-spectro remix) [blendwerk]
  • Hells Kitchen – parade of planets [axon rec.]
  • Woodblock – Floral bell [cinematique]
  • Grafenberg – Love them all [traumwelten]
  • Davis & May – When all the animals were gone [back home]

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