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twilight music sculpture

TGMS presents Twilight Music Sculpture

For our readers who don’t know much about you, could you tell us a bit about your music background? How did it all start out for you?

If we go back to the beginning, it was 15 years of trumpet and a short time as a singer in a Punk Rock band.  Too very different sides of music LOL. I’ve always liked a variety of music genres.  Some bands that I grew up on (and still love today) are The Smiths, Pink Floyd and Depeche Mode. I’d say they still have an influence on my sound a little.  

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We are following your enthusiasm on Instagram for a while now. Great things! When you’re working on a new project, what’s your typical starting point?

I’m a huge fan of melody… I tend to gravitate to that in songs I listen to and tracks I produce.  I’ll sometimes even just put a kick down and then start jamming out ideas on a Fav synth.  I force myself to do drums first sometimes but, the melodies and harmonies are always my go-to.

Tell us something about the gear you use to DJ? To produce?

I like to be able to “touch” my instruments and really enjoy working with analog gear.  Here’s a quick list of the Fav synths I have: Moog – Sub 37, Access – VirusNovation – Peak, Behringer – MS-1, Dave Smith – Prophet 6, Elektron – RYTM MKII and a Nord – 4HP  ( I have a couple of others but, they only come out occasionally).For DJing I have an XDJ-XZ and an older CDJ-2000NXS

Who are your musical or audio heroes and why? Or even new artists that impress you?

Some artists I have my eye on are: Tale of Us, Volen Sentir, Rodriguez Jr., Tim Green, Lane 8, Sebastian Leger, Matan Caspi, Alexey Union, Giorgia Angiuli – the list could go on ha, ha…

Fav all-time albums, Paul Oakenfold – Another World, Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon, Depeche Mode – maybe Ultra (lots of emotion on it and Violator of course also), The Smiths – The Queen is Dead (but debatable…)

What are your favourite tracks/albums/playlists when you are on the road?

When I’m not in the studio I find myself listening to melodic house and progressive house most often.  I have a couple of playlists I like to keep updated with my favourites. As a DJ you always have to have your ear out for tracks that fit your vibe (and help fill your next sets).  I spend hours and hours a week looking for hidden gems.

Where you are based, what places could you recommend for a night out starting with dinner, followed by a drink at a bar, and then some dancing at a nightclub?

Toronto’s a great place to go out…  At the moment the club and restaurant scene is trying to recover from the pandemic.  I’ve already seen some places I use to play at go out of business.  I feel this probably happened worldwide.  Crossing my figure it recovers stronger and better than before.

Thank you

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