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The Element - Morphius

The Element – Morphius

Very nice and special electronic music is being released lately. Special in a way because it’s things we do not here that often here at Tanzgemeinschaft. Maybe because we are not looking for this kind of music or we are not looking at the right channels. The Element‘s Morphius, a creative mind is at work.

Based in Malta, The Element seems to have used a lot of industrial sounds on this special EP. It feels like he went out to an industrial site and recorded separate sounds in order to create this phenomenal dark matter. On top, a lot of extra distorted and haunting sounds are being used. The Element leaves just enough space to recharge your batteries and breath in between the breaks.

Italian duo VII Circle and Musumeci add their own sauce and flavor for their remixes. One is even darker and hypnotising than the original while the other is more melodic and progressive.

The Element – Morphius is a special sounding release, out soon on Engrave LTD. If you know other of these releases, do leave a comment.

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