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Jerry Spoon

The organic world of Jerry Spoon

Jerry Spoon is a Swiss electronic music producer, sound engineer and owner of Studio Voisier. His internationally acclaimed musical output ranges between melodic, organic house to organic downtempo and slow house with danceable 90 to 116 BPM.  Releases on labels like WAYU Records, Pipe & Pochet and Cafe de Anatolia pave the way for the talented producer, who lets his selected tracks fly out of the endless Swiss Alps into the world.

Jerry Spoon started his own freelance career as a sound producer in 2010, releasing several solo projects with acoustic sounds. From 2015 he started with electronic music with an experimental style to a more and more self-determined specified sounds. No doubt – his signature style moves people all over the world, so it’s no surprise that his three most listened to releases have more than a million streams on Spotify only.

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Jerry, how are you?

Feeling great! Thanks Thank you for this interview.

Well, when I got to know your story, the impression I had was that you breathe Organic House – How did this love start?

I love electronic music, but in the long run, it is very repetitive and with the usual familiar elements. With the organic, you can bring in a very own mood that can sound unique. I think that’s what fascinates me, the living and the mixing of worlds/cultures.

With organic house, you can bring in a very own mood that can sound unique.

How many years have you been producing and what are some of your career highlights so far?

I’ve been producing music since around 2008 – back then in a band, I made more or less good sounding demo tapes with a 32 track analogue mixer. Over the years I created more and more of my own songs, at that time still on Cubase, until a friend of mine showed me Ableton Live. That was probably in 2013. The first 4 years were a trial and error after which more and more a style crystallised until I created my alter ego Jerry Spoon in 2017.

Highlights for me are always the releases – since I’m not a DJ, I usually don’t know beforehand how the song will be received by the general public. But usually, you get a feeling for it after a few days.

You live and work in Switzerland – what inspiration do you draw from the environment you live in?

When I started with Jerry Spoon, I lived in the middle of the city of Bern, which inspired me a lot, the charm of the old buildings and the bell towers, to which I even dedicated a song (Slice of Bern).

Now I live in the country with my own studio right in the house – this can also be very inspiring. Nature is much closer. I also give it a lot of room in my songs. 

Tell us about your release Try To Escape? It’s a nice release with a great organic vibe and smooth groove. How did this one come together?

I really wanted to incorporate a duduk (an Armenian flute) into a track, my idea was to bring the warm, seductive, hypnotic sound together with a driving beat. The song is also meant to trigger a bit of wanderlust.

Where would you like to escape to sometimes?

That is a good and probably also a very personal question. On the one hand, to get out of the sometimes somewhat grey bubble in which I live. And on the other hand to break out of myself.

And how did the collaboration with Gobi Desert Collective from Antwerp come about?

I’ve known the guys from Gobi Desert for almost 2 years and have a good (great) friendship, the scene is manageable, we found each other rather by chance on Instagram and often exchange information about music and the scene.

If you weren’t making music what would you be doing with your life?

I think I would be an amateur gardener.

And your future plans? What’s coming?

Yes, a lot of new music – new directions, but staying true to my sound. On 18 March a new single I produced will be released on Cafe de Anatolia.

Thank you!

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