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Thomas Lemmer delivers album, Hope

Thomas Lemmer delivers HOPE with new album on Sine Music

Thomas Lemmer released a new album, Hope, on November 25 via Sine Music. The album contains 16 tracks, including the current single, Your Soul, and four instrumental bonuses. There’s a concept tying the first track to the last, making the sound aesthetically cohesive.

Collaborations with Christoph Sebastian Pabst, Tauon, Valeska Rautenberg, Esther Esrah, and Tina Sona allow the music to expand its horizons, complementing Thomas’ approach and enriching the album.

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The album successfully engages a broader audience with the cover version of The Power of Love, originally performed by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. 

It seems an understatement to call Thomas Lemmer a music maker, but considering his decades-spanning opus, it is hard to come up with a better definition. After 14 albums, Thomas composes at a level higher than ever before, as now he has nothing left to prove other than he’s one of the best music-makers in the universe of easy-listening genres.

His music is relaxing, subtle, and seductively hypnotic, and as the name of the new album suggests, it offers hope. Something we all need in this day and age.

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