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Thomas Lemmer & Oine

An ambient blessing for 2024 – Thomas Lemmer & Oine release debut album “One Vision”

Enigmatic artist pairing Thomas Lemmer and Oine have released their debut album “One Vision” via Sine Music. “One Vision” is a thrilling electronic ambient journey like no other and holds listeners in a tight grip on a journey like no other. With their last single releases, this duo has blessed ears and hearts and with “One Vision”, audiences can now enjoy a feature-length release of meticulously crafted ambient magic.

In true Thomas Lemmer and Oine fashion, “One Vision” provides, what singles like “Forever” or “Inner Force” have already turned heads with. The album will release in Dolby Atmos in its entirety for a fully immersive experience. With “One Vision’s” main focus being ambient, the duo doesn’t shy away from moving freely through the realms of Deep and Melodic influences, resulting in a soothing and beautiful production masterpiece.

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Every track on “One Vision” is an example of Thomas Lemmer’s and Oine’s artistic expression and namesake vision. With Oine working in Madrid and Thomas Lemmer being Germany-based, the pair have worked remotely on this LP for almost its entirety. This innovative approach to collaborative production has proved highly effective and works well.

“One Vision” is a masterpiece and its effortless blend of various genres broadens horizons. All of this release’s 15 tracks, including bonus features, and guest artists, culminate in a milestone in both Oine’s and Thomas Lemmer’s careers.

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