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thorsten hammer - ben muetsch

Thorsten Hammer & Ben Muetsch – Once upon a bay EP

Here’s some nice work that’ll slap you around your ears. This time from the well known next generation of german producers and artists Thorsten Hammer and Ben Muetsch called “Once Upon a Bay” EP.

Both growing up in different areas, one in the metropolitan area called Rhine-Main (Frankfurt/Mannheim/Landau) and the other in Stuttgart. Both had a similar background, playing drums around the age of 9, playing keyboards and while growing older both started playing in clubs in their main area. Thorsten is more affected by deeper Tech House and Techno, Ben was more into House and Nu-Disco sounds.

When you listening to their joint effort “Once Upon a Bay” EP you can hear influences from both of their backgrounds. It’s an impressive release with 2 sublime originals and 4 remixes!!

Ben Muetsch    Thorsten Hammer

Titel track “Once Upon a Bay” opens with a nice groove, bass and synth effects, before a warm synth and string break opens the door to a wonderful emotional view behind this 2 gentleman. Warm, groovy, with the look for details, a track that will for sure fits in many dj cases this summer

Second original “Strong Outside” is a groove monster with a great bass, synths, vocals and percusion elements.A nice groove and voice warm the things up before a nice chord hits the floor. In the main break a powerful synth line comes up surrounded by the vocal and a big atmosphere stands in the room before it still goes back into the groove. These two originals surely will make you swirl over the dance floor.

Next up are the remixes. The label and artists did a very nice effort by finding great artists for their interpretation of the originals. Leipzig born and raised Sven Tasnadi uses a more minimalistic approach for his take on “Once Upon a Bay”. Soft rhythms with a bombastic beat and evocative synths that takes the track to another level.

Label boss Ben Teufel takes on “Strong Outside” with a stunning groove, thumping house beats and a bouncing bass. The team effort by Romeo D’Arret & Javier Gonzalez is also stunning. They also use the same bombastic beat with the track feels a little slower. They’ve creates a fantastic low slung groove with haunting melodies.

Last but not least is the remix from Haze-M who also took on the title track. He uses a slightly different approach. More pounding beats at the start while kick drum comes in followed by distorted synths. A dark journey whose simplicity and restraint surpasses terrifically. Damn good dance floor material.

Thorsten Hammer & Ben Muetsch did a superb job with this release on Antura Records. Feels good, feels right.

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