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Tomorrowland 2014, let the madness begin

In less than a week we’ll celebrate the 10th anniversary of a festival that calls itself wonderland, Tomorrowland. For it’s 10th year of existence the organisation decided to spread this gigantic dance party over 2 weekends. Each 3 days of total madness: well dressed people going crazy, colurful stages and an insane line-up organised by 41 stage hosts.

Before this joy can start there was a minor set back that got solved just about 2 weeks ago. Some neighbours complained and went to court in order to stop the festival just because of some issues with the noise. Not thinking about the commercial and economical value of these 2 weekends that will bring together for about 360.000 party goers. Court decided: play on!!

This years edition will be remembered as “The Key to Happiness”. And happiness it will be. All 360k tickets were sold out in the blink of an eye. People from all over the world will attend. Double the amount of international flights organised by partner Brussels Airlines will make sure the madness starts at take-off. In total there will be about 214 nationalities attending.  Boom, a small city in Belgium, will be as international as New York, Sao Paulo & Tokio for 2 long weekends.

For more updates about what goes on before, during and after Tomorrowland, we are guest blogging on Destination Madness. Do check it out!

The festival area called De Schorre, on normal days an area for families to walk, jog & run, will be transformed to a place with pumpin’ beats and childlike fairytaile decorations hand in hand with the necessary luxury and comfort. The main stage, every years eye-catcher, will again look like an amazing piece of art. Nobody knows, accept the organisation, how it will look like before the gates of joy & happiness will be opened. But for sure this years version will be all magic.

Tomorrowland is all about social. On all online social channels it’s the far most discussed festival of all festivals. Having over 5mio fans on Facebook this is truly a community we are talking about. Or shall we call it family? This years edition will have an high-tech feature to encourage this community feeling. This wrist band people will be getting contains a friendship button with which you can make new friends on the festival area and will be added to your friend list on Facebook.

Comfort is a high stake at the festival. The camping area will have it’s own supermarket, a butcher, a bakery and several restaurants with world flavoured dishes.
For extra comfort there’s the Dreamlodge, a camping area in the middle of nature and even mansions for the people that are willing to spend that extra for super comfort. Luxurious air conditioned bungalows with fridges that are pre-filled and an interiour that you can decorate according your own style.

But what’s amazing is what the organisation does for the ones that prefer to stay in simple tents. They’ll set up 2.000 of them foreseen with flash lights, air (matrass) and sleeping bag. This is surely “The Key to Happiness”!

But what’s important is that they did not spare a dime on a great line-up. Have a look at the list that has been assembled for every stage for every day. Guess no one will be left in the cold during this amazing weekend. They have 41 stage hosts that made the impeccable selection of artists. What can go wrong?

If you are a lucky one with a ticket, enjoy and please share some stories afterwards!!!

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