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The Brussels-based band, Toner releases Losing control.

TONER – Losing control

Bringing a specific message through music, vocals and cover art is what we want the great people over at INTERDEPENDANCE want to achieve. Making it a point to blur the genres between Electronica, Indie Dance, Deep House, Trip Hop or even Techno.

INTERDEPENDANCE presents their third release with a message about the complexity of human relationships such as love, brought by the Brussels-based band, TONER.

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Losing control, overcome the fear of being alone

With LOSING CONTROL, Toner shapes a critical look at the way our relationships evolve, putting into words and music the struggle to overcome the fear of being alone and the courage to lose oneself in love while eventually growing stronger through it.

The upcoming hit “Losing Control” launches the single with the melancholic voice of Sophie Vanhomwegen to set the mood. Highlighted by the bassline of Tom Goris and a warm kick to give rhythm to it, the variety of sounds and emotions in this song will let you feel the contradictory feelings that can arise if you put some distance between two lovers.

All I Need, ‘understand the unreasonableness of love’

The second song, “All I Need”, starts with a darker atmosphere on bass layers. Tom’s sharp percussions and high hats then give it a smooth pace while Sophie’s voice will progressively lead you to higher tones and make you understand the unreasonableness of love.

Fear Like Fire, sowing doubt and anxiety

“Fear Like Fire” finally closes the single. Slowly building the landscape, Tom’s music enhances the contrast that fear can bring in a love relationship. Sowing doubt and anxiety, it can also lead to destruction if you don’t control it. You’ve been warned!

The cover art is the creation of Sophie Vanhomwegen. She reveals her graphic designer talent, offering through her collage techniques an intricate, complex and passionate image of love.


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