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Toolroom records presents: 10 Years Of Dance Music

Tooroom Records

10 Years Of Dance Music

The guys over at Toolroom Records have been working on a documentary about the past decade of dance music. This documentary tells the story of this explosive decade. Here is their story:

In 2003, the British broadsheet newspaper The Guardian famously declared that ‘dance music was in terminal decline’. Citing the greed of superstar DJs and unimaginative, uninspired music as the reason fans were leaving the genre, it seemed at the time to be the lowest point for dance.

“Dance music certainly isn’t dead. In fact it’s healthier than it’s ever been!”

Yet out of these ashes rose some of the most seminal dance record labels of today — 2003 was the year in which Toolroom, Size, Cadenza, Ed Banger, Refune, Armada and Buzzin Fly were born. Despite emerging in the toughest year for the music industry, these labels survived and were eventually flourishing in 2013, ten years later

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