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Trashlagoon – Madhira (Traum V186)

We don’t say this very often, but this time we can truly say we are overwhelmed. This new EP from Trashlagoon is phenomenal, extraordinary. Just wow. When they say it’s the best they have produced so far, we can only confirm. Compare for your yourselves when listing to older work.

The German duo use an highly artistic and modernistic approach to their music, just like the city where they come from. Th ewell conserved historic Düsseldorf. Having James Blake as an inspirator it must be the reason why they produce such great music. Moved to the capital of Germany, Berlin, where they meet fellow label member Parra for Cuva who took care of the great remix of the opening track ‘Marouki Knows’ on this most recent EP.

Trashlagoon have developed a technique that enables them to magisterial blend piano with guitar and vocals and created a modern musical collage! Their music really is enchanting & captivating.

Below you can find the snippets of all tracks. First put on a quality headphone, sit back, close your eyes and enjoy!

‘Marouki Knows’ starts as a musical journey, entering a world that reminds us of Alice in Wonderland. First you’ll hear a sigh after which you get sucked in the hole that leads you to a magical world. Trashlagoon skillfully connects tiny disturbed moments with those of pleasant surprises. This feels surreal. Amazing track.

After this one, skip all other songs and move on to Parra for Cuva’s take on the original. It’s truly amazing how someone can capture the great moments of an already fantastic original and create something even more beautiful & atmospheric.

‘Secrets Of Asura’ kicks of in a complete other way and is more uptempo and feels more like it’s going to be a tech-house track. But slowly the track is transforms in a mesmerizing piece dream and ends with a film ribbon at the end of a movie. Don’t know what to feel here but listening over and over again you gently feel the connection with ‘Marouki Knows’. It feels like being chased after leaving the wonderful world of ‘Marouki Knows’.

Third track, ‘The Undertow’, describes a darkish and mechanical world and is unlike anything you have ever heard from Trashlagoon. An obscure sound is the least we can say. But yet it totally adds up when listening to the first 2 tracks. Half way ‘The undertow’ gently morphes and feels totally different.

On ‘Ama Dablam’ feels surreal. Many instruments mixed with a gentle beat give this track a spell-binding feeling. Here you can hear how all parts come together with an absolute collage technique.

With Microtrauma, being one of the top artists on the label, Trashlagoon Traum have chosen for mastery. They turn a complex song, as ‘Ama Dablam’ is, into a leaner, more open version of the original. Their percussive energy is unparalleled and here you can find it at its best.

Emde turns ‘Ama Dablam’ into a deep house version. Turn up the volume a bit and feel the vibe they are creating here.

Trashlagoon Trashlagoon

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