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TRITTICO first release together with Timo Maas

Trittico arrises with a stunning Timo Maas remix

After many years of friendship and respect for each other, Cirillo and Bartolomeo are finally happy to present their new project: Trittico. The cool thing about the project is that they will be inviting friends to the team and co-produce music with them – this is how “trittico” will operate.

Bartolomeo is a newcomer with a fresh perspective while Cirillo is a real legend thanks to his famous sets at places like Cocorico and Circo Loco. Two generations of artists will bring a whole new sound to the table.

A first release is at hand and they are making a big impression with the invitation of Timo Maas for the remix. “Forma Prima” is a slinky cut with brilliant drums that really get under your skin. The synths are rich and bring cosmic rays of light and warmth to the track and as it rolls on. The bustling beats can not fail to sweep you off your feet. The Timo’s remix is heavier and brings extra late-night mischief. These are two superb new tunes and an exciting new project.

We got in touch with Bartolomeo and Cirillo for a short talk about the project

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Nice to have you here. Let’s talk about your project Trittico. But first please tell us, who is who and who is doing what?

Hello everyone and thank you for having us here on Tanzgemeinschaft. Trittico is the new project that is born from a true and longtime friendship between Dj Cirillo and Bartolomeo.

How did Trittico come to life? What was the spark that set the fire?

Cirillo: It just came as an idea, out of the blue, we’ve been spending to of time listening to music together and we decided to make our own project, but also, to invite and collaborate with the djs and nice persons that we both met in these years.

Bartolomeo: Cirillo was always an inspiration for me. We met quite a few years ago and for me, it always been a privilege to spend some times with him and learn new things every day. I feel lucky that he always supported me (and this is very rare!!) and our path is so well connected that making music together is natural. So I’m really happy to finally have something out with him after these years of friendship.

You will be inviting other artists to participate. How does that work?

Absolutely, this is the concept. Trittico is an artistic paint, made always in three parts.We usually make some beats, start something together after getting inspiration by long digging session trough our vinyl collections, and then we contact the person we think could give an extra production and make the idea come true, or just to do his own version like Timo Maas did.

On the first release, Forma Prima, Timo Maas will take the hours for a remix. What’s your relationship with Timo and how this collaboration started out?

Cirillo: I met Timo for the first time in a strange situation. We both were in Miami airport in the ’90s on the way back to Europe from WMC. Our flight got cancelled. And honestly, I’m not the coolest person to meet in these situations. But Timo was the one that calms me down and from then on he always been a real friend for me. Timo is very special.

And so, we both thought that Timo could be the right name to form the first Trittico, and we are so happy to have him with us in this new journey, and what he delivered is a real gem. Thank you, Timo!

What can we expect from it?

Good vibes and of course good music, That’s what we want to deliver.

Do you want to tell us what’s coming next?

We are already working on the second chapter. We are looking again on a track that has been made quite a few years ago in one of our first studio session together. We are also already working with the guest for this release. We can’t say anything yet, but expect someone that made huge records and always delivered amazing tunes!

You’ve reached some years in dance music – what’s your secret to such amazing longevity?

Cirillo: There isn’t a formula for this. What I believe is that if your passion for the music and for this world is so strong and true and you always are curious to learn, then you can do this for as long as you want. Bartolomeo: I’m doing my experiences around the world and in my life. My passion is so strong and I spend every day of my life learning and studying new things. that what keeps me alive.

Collaborations can take on many forms. What role do they play in your approach and what are your preferred ways of engaging with other creatives through, for example, file sharing, jamming or just talking about ideas?

Every collaboration has its own story, it can begin with some ideas, or just hanging together. We don’t have a way to collaborate, it is so natural that as soon as an idea comes to our minds we share it with the other(s) and the process starts. But there’s a key: always being on the same flow and trying to reach the same point. Everything that happens in the meanwhile is the incredible connections of souls and experiences.

Who should be on our radar music-wise — who is getting you really excited?

Cirillo: I’m honestly very open to discover and pay attention to new artists but on the other side, I pretend that the level has to be very very high and so is not so easy to surprise me.

Bartolomeo: I’m always get inspired from the past, to make a great future i think is needed. and i also have my own record label BAR Musica, check it out and you won’t be disappointed 🙂

Thank you

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