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Underwood, master of the synthesizer and melodic programming

Underwood drops a magical Vélocipède EP

Underwood’s follow up work for Tanzgemeinschaft, his Vélocipède EP is, again, nothing short of masterful.

After a successful run on the Beatport Top 100 charts in both Techno and Melodic Techno & House, the Berlin-based artist strikes again with 2 skilful, arpeggiated, cutting edge original works.

Available on your favourite online channel. Check it out.

This time Univack Records label head, Integral Bread does the remixing honours for TGMS with a serendipitous extension of Underwood’s title track as he expands on the original’s already ethereal landscapes and an uplifting, futuristic vibe.

If you don’t know who Integral Bread is he has appeared on the new AMAZON MUSIC’s team list as one of the 20 most relevant current artists of electronic music in Spain. Recently a remix album “We Die To Live Remixed” appeared, with versions created by Rafael Cerato, Barry Jamieson, Dmitry Molosh, Soulwerk, Manu Riga, Lunar Plane, Erdi Irmak, Fábel, among others.

We are honoured to have such recognized talent onboard at Tanzgemeinschaft and we are certain one if not all of these handcrafted tracks make it into your rotation.

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