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Vamos Art – Corazón – The remixes (SSR081)

Vamos Art - Corazón

Vamos Art

Two nice and creative Germans, coming from Stutgart, Lars Giereth and Andi Zielbauer are the combo behind Vamos Art. While Lars has been spinning vynil since 2005, Andi jumped the bandwagon in 2009 with productions and live sets. Their musical background shows similarities as they both were drummers in their youth for many years. Rhythms and beats have always been a part of their life. In the middle of 2012 they finally came together and Vamos Art was born!

Their main tech-house sound is characterized by soulful sounds and playful breaks that highly suitable for dance floors.


The original mix was released in November 2013. It’s an exotic sound with a playful beat and warm male vocals. It’s a great summer track released in winter time.

Soon there will be a release with 4 great remixes of this wonderfull track. One more excotic than the other. Remixes from the following artists: LAZY BUG, Mendezz, Andrew500, Michael Deep, Bojan Milenkovic, Vijay, Sofia Zlatko.

The first remix by LAZY BUG feels like that warm summer breeze while walking on the beach. Can be missed in a house set. We are ready for the summer. The next remix from Mendezz & Andrew500 starts with a clapping sound and doesn’t stop until the end. It gives a little more schwung to the track. It takes a while before the main beat starts and voals come in. A nice detail is the ticking of the wood block.

The third a remix from Michael Deep & Bojan Milenkovic is a nice tech-house version of the warm sound. It’s a little more uptempo and vocals sound a little stronger. During th etarck it slowly builts up to serveral heights. This is a really nice remix of the original.

The last remix from Vijay & Sofia Zlatko is our favorite of the 4 tracks on the EP. Love the sound of the piano and the warm synth in this remix. It’s an absolute feel good track that can’t be left out in any house set.

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Rating: 4/5
Label: Vamos Art
Release date: Apr 1, 2014
Format: Digital

Track list:

  1. XatCorazón (LAZY BUG Remix)iva
  2. Corazón (Mendezz & Andrew500 Remix)
  3. Corazón (Michael Deep & Bojan Milenkovic Remix)
  4. Corazón (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Remix)

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