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Van Bonn – Unbound (Telrae 025)

In order so seek a wider audience, last august Van Bonn released an EP on the other Traum Schalleplatten sub-label, Trapez. Now he is back with a new release on the sister sub-label Telrae. Showing his more dub side of the coin. His new EP contains 2 tracks and will be released on vinyl and digital.

The sound on this new EP is simple by it’s repetitions yet complicated in it’s usage of melodic en dubby textures.

As said Van Bonn kept it with 2 tracks on this EP. ‘King’, the opening track, sounds very dubby with a very infectious beat. With this track Van Bonn sticks to a very minimalist approach in which he uses no more than simple sound cuts and melodic intermezzi. Keep listening and get hypnotized by the rhythm.

The second track called ‘Distinct’ lasts for as much as 10 minutes. It opens like a hunted heartbeat. Moving along, which takes quite some time, you’ll hear psychedelic soundscapes, chimes and heavy use on filters. This is a track for those that are in favor of real dub techno.

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