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Vhyce releases Ordinary Thoughts via Sincopat

Vhyce’s Ordinary Thoughts on Sincopat

A little while ago we had an interview with Belgian talent Vhyce about his release on Monaberry and the importance of making connections in the music scene. He is not been sitting still since as he is back with a stunning piece out via the fantastic label, Sincopat.

So, Sincopat is back with another exciting release. Vhyce seem to have been on their radar for a while now. With a very personal and flavourful style, he comes straight from Belgium but with Portuguese and Italian blood.

Sincopat Big Kahuna AFFKT remixes the timeless “Ordinary Thoughts”, the track that titles the EP.

To start this trip we have Ordinary Thoughts, a timeless piece of music that includes two versions, the original with a stunning melody that will leave you speechless and a more raw and crunchy acid version, both versions will make you travel without moving at the same time you can not stop dancing. AFFKT has reinterpreted the two versions in the same remix with the energy that he has accustomed us, we are sure that it will give goosebumps to more than one.

We continue with Many faces, another great song from beginning to end, its hypnotic bass and etheric leads will make you lose sense of time and space.

And finally, we have Something In The Air in which Vhyce looks again for the perfect groove, an authentic atmospheric experience to the deepest part of his sound universe. This adds the perfect icing to a well-rounded EP.

Enjoy the ride!

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