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Virginti Tres - interview & guest mix

Interview & guest mix: Viginti Tres

An awesome project called Viginti Tres

Our latest interview is with one of the label heads of the Italian independent imprint Astrophone Records. The label saw the day of light somewhere in 2016. Fairy fresh so to speak. It’s the artistic birthchild of 2 creative talents Raffaele D’Ascanio and Matteo Basso. Their aim is to connect themes such as the universe and spirituality with art, music and symbology. The beautiful artwork of the releases speaks for itself.

They open up for any artists that want to express themselves and allow space for research of innovative ways of recording with new instruments and formats. With no strict fixation on a genre or style, Astrophone’s attitude doesn’t fit into a box, merely it is influenced by Detroit and Berlin techno, deep house and acid house. Blend it and who knows what you will get.

But today we are here with Raffaele and his partner in crime Andrea Calandra to talk about their release “Initiatio”, a quite dark & haunting journey, which they bring as a new project called “Viginti Tres”. The release will be taken care of by Astrophone Records.

Don’t go too fast. Please press play and enjoy the marvellous guest mix they made us before you continue reading.

01. Antigone – Ostinato I (Original Mix)
02. +Plattform – Khartoum (Original Mix)
03. Etapp Kyle – Ritual (Original Mix)
04. Exilles – Waterfall (Original Mix)
05. Viginti Tres – Initiatio (Original Mix)
06. Mathame – Act III (Original Mix)
07. Conforce – Suspense (Original Mix)
08. Alex Niggemann – Luminance (Daniel Bortz Remix)
09. Manuel Di Martino – Frames (Original Mix)
10. Ryan James Ford – Beltine (Original Mix)
11. 747 – Aurora Centralis (Original Mix)

Hey guys,
We received this fantastic mix you made. Love it. And it’s a very special track list. Want to tell us a bit about it?

In our mix we wanted to add tracks about our thinking of Viginti Tres; our techno is full of dark but harmonious atmospheres, acid sounds in their different facets. The goal was to create a path dedicated to listening and letting yourself be captured by the sound.

Can we say it’s eccentric? Just like you run your label ‘Astrophone Records’?
Absolutely! Both Viginti Tres and Astrophone have points in common. Behind both there is philosophy and elevated thoughts; what comes out is essential and natural but at the same time articulated at the right point to stimulate the listener’s interest.

What do ‘universe’, ‘spirituality’, ‘art’, ‘music’ & ‘symbology’ mean to you? How does it connect?
It is the fundamental basis of both the label and our project. Our music is designed to suggest an image through sound; spirituality is the engine that feeds our every work and influences our approach in the studio.

We love what you do with the artwork on the label. Curious about how you got to this? The creative process.
We care a lot about the image because the eye over the ear does its part. All this is possible by our graphic designer, who is as well one friend and lover of our reality. He is Beppe Conti who is an artist from Turin who, by combining historical, spiritual and esoteric elements, has created our incredible artworks full of details. Each chapter gives rise to 4 different artworks for 4 different EPs.

We care a lot about the image because the eye over the ear does its part.

Also the name of your project sounds awesome: Viginti Tres. Why 23? What’s the story behind this?
It is a number that we could call “magical” but has a slightly different meaning for each of us. You can find it in the rock music of Tool, in some cinematographic works, in religious symbolism, and now it has its representatives also in the electronic club music.

Last month you released your first track on your own label. “Initiatio” is quite a dark & haunting journey. We love the atmosphere. What’s behind it?
Behind “Initiatio” there is a thought common to all the members of Viginti Tres. It is the first EP released by this project and we wanted to transmit our essence right from the begin. In addition to a techno soul, the tracks must have a dark, deep and sometimes intimate flavour. “Initiatio” is a perfect example.

Viginti Tres – Initiatio is out now on Astrophone Records. Grab it here »

What are the next plans for this project, ‘Viginti Tres’?
The future plans of Viginti Tres see the release of an EP in February 2018 that will include an original track of which we are very proud of, while the remix will be done by Elum.

If you can pick anyone to do a remix for you, who would it be?
There are many producers that we appreciate but at the moment we want to give priority to the artists within the label, in the while we are still maintaining contacts with Italian artists: many Italian producers are leaving their mark all over the world, we want to support this scene.

Many Italian producers are leaving their mark all over the world, we want to support this scene.

If you could pick anyone to sign on your label, who would that be?
In the future, we would like to have collaborations and remixes with artists of the techno scene, deep house and electronics. We already have some names in mind, but now we cannot yet reveal them.

Italians are very passionate about a lot of things. What’s your great passion (besides music)?
For us Italians, the only true great passion is one, obvious but true: Italian food. Eat well and in good company. There is no greater satisfaction than getting up from the table and knowing that you have eaten and drank well, whether in a restaurant, home or pizzeria with your family or friends.

Rosso or Bianco? And which is your favourite brand?
We both appreciate them, but as good “Piemontesi” we prefer the “red” because it matches perfectly with our typical dishes. We would like to give an advice: try a good Barbera del Monferrato, will certainly join all the guests at the table.

Gracie mille!!

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