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Cris D.

With the power of synthesized melodies, Cris D. releases the single “K”.

The young talent Cris D., from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, has just released his latest work, the single “K”, full of a vibrant and creative atmosphere based on the power of synthesizers. The DJ and producer is a resident artist at Sunset Sessions, as well as promoting the Beat On Me label. 

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Drawing inspiration from the seventh art through films, series and especially comics, Cris D. brings a translation of his perspectives to the electronic scene, enriching his productions with soundscapes that convey a playful and traveling atmosphere. 

In his hands, laptops, synths and MIDI controllers come to life and transmit their message to listeners, as in his new work entitled “K”. The track reminds us of the feeling of watching a sci-fi movie, with well-crafted images of the universe as a whole, a soundtrack that speaks not only to the tracks but to all places and at all times. 

Cris D.’s “K” is timeless and mixes the energetic rhythms of house music with the sincere essence of the artist, resulting in an inspiring and uplifting sonic journey. With mesmerizing piano hooks and thrilling vocals, the track lifts the vibe of anyone who hears it.

Article by Mia Lunis

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