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Tanzgemeinschaft | 26/03/2017

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PREMIERE: M.F.S Observatory – Coming To Town (Marquez ILL Remix)

25/03/2017 |

Here we go with another fantastic premiere. This time we get to premiere the Marquez ILL remix of M.F.S: Observatory’s ‘Coming to Town’. It’s an uplifting track that’ll make you shake till the break of dawn. Pay attention to the details and the way the track is layered. Along the way, you’ll get pulled in and start moving for sure.Read More

Cristoph knows how to make you dance!

17/03/2017 |

Now here’s a release that gets us so excited we are jumping for joy. The first minute we played Cristoph’s upcoming work, we got that smile on our face and got up from our chair. What a vibe!

Only recently … Read More

James le Roux – Winter throw outs

15/03/2017 |

James and Tanzgemeinschaft go way back. From the early start of the organization and with a common friend we got to experience how this down to earth guy got to find his way around in the music industry. Surely with … Read More

Premiere: Clode unleasing his power on ‘Forget about it’

07/03/2017 |

Spanish artist Clode is about to release an EP on the superb iLogic record label. iLogic is known, at least to us, for their sublime music selection and releases. So this two-track EP called ‘Enough’ fits perfectly well on their … Read More

Pallida – Floaters. Uplifting dancefloor oriented grooves.

17/02/2017 |

Re:Sound Music surely is one of our favorite record labels at the moment. There are others of course. Many others we like ove rhere at Tanzgemeinschaft. But the way Re:Sound picks their artists, nurtures and support them, is pretty awesome. … Read More

Premiere: Khillaudio – Cut your gras (Phasen Dirty 909 rmx)

12/02/2017 |

Belgian Gents & Dandy Records, know for their elegant quality house music, is back once again with a damn nice release. This time it’s label head Khillaudio who releasing on his own label. His upcoming work “Cut your Grass” is … Read More

Miami-based Wolf Story is on a roll

10/02/2017 |

The dynamic Miami-based duo Steve Sanx & Rico from Paris who go under the moniker Wolf Story are well on the rise. We wrote a review a year ago when they released their dark underground club roller, Hunter EP on … Read More

Middelar’s sensational Uryko. Melodic deep grooves.

06/02/2017 |

At the end of last year we came across this fantastic young Spanish record label called iLogic. iLogic is a project that aims to explore the intersections between technology, art and electronic music. Call it a sensory journey through the … Read More

Sweet deep divine release from Greg Shepherd

01/02/2017 |

Great things come in pairs. In this case 2 great tracks on each side of this sublime vinyl release from Greg Shepherd. Deep emotions on all four tracks backed with a solid rhythmic groove.

The release is called ‘Divine’ and … Read More

Monophaze – Beyond home

31/01/2017 |

At the start of this year we’ve announced a great collaboration with Italy’s up-and-coming underground techno producer & dj, Monophaze. He will be taking care of a monthly in-house mix for us. We gave him carte blanche, so it will … Read More