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Tanzgemeinschaft | 27/08/2016

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The Element – Morphius

03/08/2016 |

Very nice and special electronic music is being released lately. Special in a way because it’s things we do not here that often here at Tanzgemeinschaft. Maybe because we are not looking for this kind of music or we are … Read More

Rafa Ortega – DGT EP. Simply brilliant.

29/07/2016 |

Brilliant: Rafa Ortega – DGT

And so we get to know a creative mind. Rafa Ortega, DJ & producers from Madrid (Spain) is all that. Seems he got started in the breakbeat scene back in the days, opened up his … Read More


20/07/2016 |

We are not a big fan of compilations here at Tanzgemeinschat. Not really a reason for disliking, just don’t like the sum of it all. Maybe because we don’t have a hand in the selection of the tracks. But once … Read More

Deep rhythm & grooves by Irene Radice

16/07/2016 |

We at Tanzgemeinschaft are very happy with our next guest mix. It’s a talented person coming from Milan, Italy. Her passion goes out to art, design music and cats. Cats, like all of us on the internet. So it must … Read More

Boatman drops a highly energetic The Big Collision

13/07/2016 | 1

While we were browsing in the big pool of music of Soundcloud we came across this fantastic work from a young Belgian talent called Boatman. We do not know much about this youngster, except his real name is Sven van … Read More


12/07/2016 |

We are proud to present our next guest mix. This time from a person based in Montepellier in the South of France. He goes by the name Gaël De l’Ivresse, and het draws his inspiration from the many great artists … Read More

Bass laden Street EP from Ben Teufel, Raul Aguilar & Tarde

11/07/2016 |

Jump on the bandwagon. Here comes the parade. They say 3 is a crowd, well not in this case. Antura Records label boss Ben Teufel gathered with some beat masters and came up with a a hot drop: Street EP.

Read More

Mita Mita – With Sensibility. Deep melodic delight.

07/07/2016 |

Formed in 2016 and already having a track record that can count. In the first half year of their existence Mita Mita already released on Parquet Recordings, Bedrock records, Toolroom Records & Exploited. Pretty amazing. The duo, being Alex Millan … Read More

Eduardo de la Calle drops a phenomenal Mars EP

07/07/2016 |

Amazing things always come when you don’t expect it. Sometimes you need to dig a little deeper, turn left or right unexpected to find brilliant things. We have a mailbox filled with many promos for which we want to thank … Read More

Funkwerkstatt talks music

30/06/2016 |

Funkwerkstatt about his music and label

The electronic music scene is like a cloudless night. Countless, equally brilliant stars light the sky. Many new acts are quickly discovered and disappear soon afterwards, like streaking satellites or pulsing comets. Still others … Read More