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Tanzgemeinschaft | 27/02/2017

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Miami-based Wolf Story is on a roll

10/02/2017 |

The dynamic Miami-based duo Steve Sanx & Rico from Paris who go under the moniker Wolf Story are well on the rise. We wrote a review a year ago when they released their dark underground club roller, Hunter EP on … Read More

Pedro Mercao drops a deep & groovy ride

09/02/2017 |

Up next in our guest mix series is the Ghent-based dj & producer Pedro Mercado. Originating from the magic white island he surely knows how to set the atmosphere with this captivating mix: from deep house to tech house and … Read More

Interview: Ilona Maras, from the hip! Meet a fantastic artist.

08/02/2017 |

Having collected a thrilling amount of air miles traveling to countries like Switzerland, Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, Russia … Dubai, it is safe to say Ilona Maras knows her way around the globe. She has been signed to German mega imprint … Read More

Middelar’s sensational Uryko. Melodic deep grooves.

06/02/2017 |

At the end of last year we came across this fantastic young Spanish record label called iLogic. iLogic is a project that aims to explore the intersections between technology, art and electronic music. Call it a sensory journey through the … Read More

Fancy Inc is around, you better keep an eye out.

02/02/2017 |

Fancy Inc. recently dropped a phenomenal EP on Brazil’s top imprint Warung Recordings. Warung, famous for their club and being responsible for spreading quality electronic music in Brazil, started with a record label about 5 years ago. Warung recordings being … Read More

Sweet deep divine release from Greg Shepherd

01/02/2017 |

Great things come in pairs. In this case 2 great tracks on each side of this sublime vinyl release from Greg Shepherd. Deep emotions on all four tracks backed with a solid rhythmic groove.

The release is called ‘Divine’ and … Read More

Monophaze – Beyond home

31/01/2017 |

At the start of this year we’ve announced a great collaboration with Italy’s up-and-coming underground techno producer & dj, Monophaze. He will be taking care of a monthly in-house mix for us. We gave him carte blanche, so it will … Read More

Interview with Toronto based Calavera. Downright.

28/01/2017 |

We caught up with Toronto-based producer Calavera. With recent releases and upcoming work on House Mag Records (Brazil), House Of Bangerz (UK), Dear Deer Records (Ukraine) & La Famiglia Recordings she is one to watch for sure. Make sure to … Read More

A fresh new sound from Aprapta.

26/01/2017 |

Something totally fresh. An artist with a new moniker started a label with a similar name. A well-known German underground DJ/producer that now goes by the name Aprapta is about to change the musical landscape a with his minimal micro … Read More

Interview & guest mix: Cameron Jack. Brooding beats.

23/01/2017 |

Up next in our guest mix series is the talented London based breakthrough artists Cameron Jack. He brings us a mix with deep Balearic-influenced sounds. Think Ellum, think Diynamic and you will get a good feeling about how he sets … Read More