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Tanzgemeinschaft | 30/03/2017

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Cristoph knows how to make you dance!

17/03/2017 |

Now here’s a release that gets us so excited we are jumping for joy. The first minute we played Cristoph’s upcoming work, we got that smile on our face and got up from our chair. What a vibe!

Only recently … Read More

Ølchen brings a mix with a deep, melodic atmosphere

17/03/2017 |

Next up in our guest mix series, and already our mix nbr 50, is 25 years old DJ Ole Theis aka Ølchen, Hailing from Bremen and part of the Conartism collective.

Ølchen is always trying to create a deep, melodic … Read More

James le Roux – Winter throw outs

15/03/2017 |

James and Tanzgemeinschaft go way back. From the early start of the organization and with a common friend we got to experience how this down to earth guy got to find his way around in the music industry. Surely with … Read More

Pure mastery by Claudio Iacono

15/03/2017 |

We are so pleased with this great collaboration with Italian mix master Claudio Iacono. His selection of tracks are always top notch and the mixes he creates are most of the time heavenly. This mix is already his third for … Read More

Interview: Jam El Mar, about his Touched by fire Ep on Truesoul

09/03/2017 |

Once so often we get a real opportunity. An opportunity that scares us a bit. The request to have an interview with one of the former members of teh legendary Jam & Spoon was one we needed some time to … Read More

CK drops a delightful tech-house story.

08/03/2017 |

Our guest mix series is getting more and more body with the fantastic mixes we receive from the super talents out there. We already reached our 48th installment, not counting in the in-house mixes we publish on a monthly basis. … Read More

Premiere: Clode unleasing his power on ‘Forget about it’

07/03/2017 |

Spanish artist Clode is about to release an EP on the superb iLogic record label. iLogic is known, at least to us, for their sublime music selection and releases. So this two-track EP called ‘Enough’ fits perfectly well on their … Read More

Youve drops a powerful, melodic and emotional techno mix

06/03/2017 |

We are really happy with this new edition in our guest mix series. This one comes from YOUVE. The Rostock-based duo Michi and Matthias dropped us a very nice techno mix and the opening track from Township Rebellion is spot … Read More

Luca Sassi drops an excellent tech-house infused guest mix.

01/03/2017 |

Up next in our guest mix series is Italian DJ Luca Sassi. Originating from the Northern region in Italy, the small city Sassuolo to be precise but moved to Los Angeles at a later age. He delivers a strong tech-house … Read More

Citizen Kain takes you on a journey

25/02/2017 |

This one comes as a very nice surprise and we are honored to present you a mix by one of our favorite artists, Citizen Kain. In spring 2016 he re-released his club anthem Doppelgaenger. The original dates back from 2008 … Read More