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TGMS Future Stars: Colussi

A few years ago the pervasive intensity of the multiple facets of Techno flooded the creative mind of Brazilian Colussi, and since then he has shown himself to be an admirable exponent and tireless promoter of the national underground scene.

His talent has been revealed in several ways and bears abundant results in each one of them. Alongside his friend r4ne, he forms the duo Innure, with whom he has already commanded booths in prestigious clubs such as D-Edge and Surreal Park, in Brazil, and The Cube, in Portugal. The duo is also in charge of Prototype Music, a label that has been discovering prodigies of Techno in Brazil.

With his solo project, Colussi has already spread sound energy and epic breaks through labels like Prisma Techno and Nin92wo. Now, we honour the alluring power of his melodies in this mix, exclusive to Tanzgemeinschaft, and talked to him to learn more about his trajectory and next steps. Check it out!

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Hello, Colussi! We already know that you’re Brazilian. Can you tell us a bit about the city where you were born/grown up and how it influenced your musical career?

I was born in the city of Caçador, west of Santa Catarina and I lived there until I was about 12 years old. After that, I moved to Itapema, where I still live today. There I started getting to know the electronic scene by listening to music at home, and going to parties, and ended up falling in love completely.

Now, talking about history. How did you start in electronic music and what were your main inspirations to start this journey?

I started around the age of 15 when I bought a turntable and started playing around at home, watching tutorials on YouTube. At the time, I only listened to EDM, which was the first party I went to. So my inspirations were big names like Nicky Romero, Alesso, Swedish House Mafia, among others.

You’re spending some time in Barcelona. What have these days been like? What do you enjoy doing the most?

The experience has been incredible. I came here with the intention to dedicate myself 100% to music production and to network and play in some events around here. We had 3 gigs in Lisbon (Portugal), Barcelona (Spain) and Amsterdam (Holland).

How would you describe your current sound identity? 

I guess at the moment I can say I’m searching for a sound identity that is similar to ethereal techno, but that has my personal style. I’m studying to get to that.

About the mix you recorded for us, what will we find after the play?

Several unreleased tracks from my label Prototype, and also a new remix of mine that will be released in November.

Which track is on your mind at the moment?

Silver Panda – We Call This Acid

How do you imagine your future in the electronic music market?

I imagine myself living off music, playing all over the world and getting support from the artists who are my inspiration.

Any news about future works that you can already tell us?

I can say that in 2023 I will release more tracks than this year. I intend to release something every 2 months at least because I have some finished tracks waiting for the best time to be released.

Interview by Louise Lamin

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