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Ametist Records - 5year compilation


We are not a big fan of compilations here at Tanzgemeinschat. Not really a reason for disliking, just don’t like the sum of it all. Maybe because we don’t have a hand in the selection of the tracks. But once in a while we get pretty nice things in our hands. For example this one from the fresh young Ametist Records, run by Thorsten Hammer. He aims to release music with soul, focused on Deep House & Tech House, Minimal & Techno. A broad genre selection and this you can hear on their 5th Aniversary Compilation.

When listening to the preview of the 5 tracks on Ametist Records anniversary release below, you will get a good feeling of what to expect from the 30 tracks on this release. Quite a lot of work, some sounds deep some more tech and other melodic. We love it when it’s not pinned down to one genre as it becomes pretty boring after a little while. All tracks start to sound the same. Well not on this heavy-weight release with great variation.

Below you can listen to a few tracks: deep tech tracks with a melodic touch, more uptempo tech house and a deeper tech with a groove. Tune into Filalete’s splendid work. Always decent deep techno music with a little twist. Guti Legato, Ben Teufel & Tarde throw in more uptempo work that never disappoints. Erasmus & Krieger are responsible for a fine bass laden pulsing electronic groove while Yana Heinstein lifts up the bass a bit more and kicks in with great melodic rhythms and vocal cuts.

Short review for a massive compilation you can’t miss. Do check out Ametists Records and keep a close eye on them as they drop some great work on a frequent basis.


  1. Loui Fernandez – Mystique (Frink Remix)
  2. Sidney Charles – Let it go (Uglh Remix)
  3. Filalete – Alex
  4. Mikalogic – Snow Motion
  5. Erasmus & Krieger – Full Range
  6. Thorsten Hammer – Braining (Tim Engelhardt Remix)
  7. Thorsten Hammer & Ben Muetsch – Strong Outside
  8. Ben Teufel, Tarde – Universal Language
  9. Guti Legato – Bangaloo
  10. Thorsten Hammer – Green Windows (Negru Remix)
  11. Loui Fernandez – Kazuco (Sven Tasnadi Remix)
  12. Thorsten Hammer – Braining (Ben Muetsch Remix)
  13. Dr. Alfred, Henrike feat. Luiz Bento (Mystery Instrumental Mix)
  14. Luca Maniaci & Ben Teufel – Equlibrium (Kiko Remix)
  15. Sebastian Wojkowski – Jackie
  16. Ben Muetsch – Way Home
  17. Thorsten Hammer & Ben Muetsch – Once Upon a Bay (Sven Tasnadi Remix)
  18. Moonstroke – Mifune (Floreano Remix)
  19. Matthias Seibert – Nowhere at all (Jose Maria Ramon, William Medagli, Thallula Remix)
  20. Filalete – Sun Dance
  21. Carlos Pulido – Necronomicon
  22. Stewart Wilson – Whecka
  23. Yana Heinstein – Optimus Prime
  24. Thorsten Hammer – Radhika (Alex Celler Remix)
  25. Matthias Seibert – Nowhere at all (Martinez Remix)
  26. Mr. Dello – Naked Swing (Aldo Cadiz Remix)
  27. Horatio, Elchinsoul, Dos Delinquentes – Who is ready to house
  28. Dubphone – Your Story
  29. Mr. Dello – Simplon
  30. Lautleise – Wonderland

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