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André Winter

A chat with André Winter

Techno in the veins

Obviously, André Winter is one of those people, who with their first breath of air, realize that their heartbeats techno. Since the 90s he released under various aliases and also produced great artists such as Humate, Oliver Huntemann and Dubfire. And finally, having worked on remixes of world-renowned artists such as the Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Anthony Rother, etc he decided that there is, even more, he has to offer to the public.

Having played already infamous RexClub in Paris, Kazantip Festival, Sisyphos Berlin, Bootshaus Cologne and rocking the Amsterdam Dance Event just to name a few and releases on labels like Senso, Beatfreak and Noir, André Winter has seen and experienced a lot.

So let’s have a talk to this guy full of Techno in his veins.

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Techno DJ & producer, Andre Winter

Heyho André – how are you these days?
Thank you, I’m fine!

Could you tell us a bit about your musical background?
I was intrigued by electronic music early on. I bought my first computer when I was 14 and immediately started making music. I used to listen to a lot of Industrial, Indie and EBM back then and sampled everything with a microphone which sounded remotely metallic.

You have been playing in Australia some time ago what was it all about? And what were you doing on that very long flight to Australia?
It was always a big dream for me to play down under. When I was asked a few years ago I was very happy because it meant that there are people who apparently like my music. It is an amazing country with great people and a lot of enthusiasm for electronic music. The parties, however, don’t differ much from ours.

The long flights are a challenge, though. On my outbound flight, I met Carlo Ruetz who is also releasing on Senso. We had a funny conversation and killed some beers, too. 😉

Usually, I listen to music or design layouts on my laptop. I also like watching movies. Unfortunately, I can’t read on a plane, because for some reason I can’t concentrate on books on a plane.

What can you recommend to kill time?
I can’t give recommendations I’m afraid. To be honest, I am very seldom idle, and I think that boredom is generally seen way too negative. I am really pleased when there is nothing on my plate. It gives me time to let my mind wander and think about everything that is going on in my life, I also get a lot of fresh ideas.

I am really pleased when there is nothing on my plate. It gives me time to let my mind wander and think about everything that is going on in my life.

What was one of the best events you have played so far?
That’s a tough call. It’s hard to pick one, which doesn’t mean that every gig is the best. The parties in Istanbul are outstanding. Every time I’m overwhelmed by what is going on there.

You just played at the legendary Fusion Festival in Germany on one of the main stages. How did it go?
So far, it was definitely the highlight of the season. I think it is the biggest and most popular festival for electronic music in Germany. It was fun as hell to play there and I would sure do it again. The vibe is incredible. Everyone is relaxed and peaceful and wants to have a good time. Every stage is built and decorated with much love and skill and there are also a bunch of great acts to see.

You are known both for your skills as a producer for Oliver Huntemann for example, as well as for your passion as a DJ. What are currently your main challenges and goals?
There are some countries where I haven’t played yet. So, there are definitely a couple of goals for me. Apart from that, I am never completely satisfied with my work. This can be frustrating at times. However, it is my drive to go on and better myself. To improve myself is my true passion and aim.

To improve myself is my true passion and aim.

If tomorrow the world would end, what track would you play again?
None. I would simply try to enjoy the silence … before the big bang.

What’s around the corner? Any releases coming up?
Recently, my remix for “Pressure” by Sama was released on Noir Music. Coming up there is a track from me on the 5 Years Senso Sounds Compilation. A new EP will be released by autumn, and apart from that, I contribute a few score themes for a new Netflix series.

Thank you!

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