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ÅNDfØLK releases Black Cat

ÅNDfØLK strike it lucky with Black Cat – Interview

The story of ÅNDfØLK continues this summer with the release of the latest single Black Cat: a mesmerising, truly unique organic house cut that further establishes their sound and legacy.

With a growing fanbase and streams that number in the millions on Spotify alone,  ÅNDfØLK are painting musical pictures that are clearly resonating. By stripping away everything but the music from their output they have bucked the trend of image over artistry, focussing solely on the thing that matters most, with the new single Black Cat another step on their road to global recognition.

Like many of their previous singles, Black Cat eschews traditional genre conventions, incorporating elements of progressive and organic house, melodic techno and minimal. Warm, atmospheric and richly emotive, it is a masterclass in both restraint and drama: a flawlessly produced cut that hits hard and lingers long in the memory.

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Thanks for talking to us… how has 2022 been for you so far?

Thanks for having us! It’s been great so far thanks, we’ve spent most of it in the studio so now we’re excited to release a lot of new music over the rest of the year.

At a time that the industry is arguably more focused on image and profile than ever before, why make the decision to operate anonymously?

It wasn’t really a conscious decision, more just a focus on what matters most – the music. When one sense is removed the others are improved.

How would you describe your development as an artist in terms of interests and challenges?

I guess it’s the rabbit holes. You go down a particular route or style that you might not have ventured down before and meet the inevitable learning curves. Some happy coincidences and some blocks you have to overcome. It’s a journey, it’s growth, it’s awesome.

Which artists do you listen to, and draw inspiration from?

We love such a wide range of artists from all genres.

Tell us about your latest single, Black Cat – was there any specific inspiration for this one?

Summer Vibing, playing with LFO’s and I guess speaking of inspiration, I think ours was Sebastian Léger throughout this period.

For you, what are some of the ingredients to a track that stands out from the crowd?

Beautiful melodies, great baselines, a drum groove that fits them, and finding lovely unique sonics and controlling them to arrive with an even more unique sound by the time you’re finished.

We’ve read that you’ve been making music behind the scenes for 15 years or so as ÅNDfØLK. can you tell us about some of the other artists you worked within that time?

We’ve played with Solomun, Jamie Jones, Marco Carola, Waff, Maya Jane Coles, Capriati, DJ Tennis, Apollonia, Nic Fanciulli, Solardo, Butch to name a few but never produced or remixed anyone’s work. Maybe one day in the future?

What is your current studio setup? Do you have any specific bits of gear that you find yourself returning to time after time?

Prophet 6, Moogs, Roland TR8 are great bits of kit we use pretty often, however, to be honest, like Adam port said the other day, it’s becoming harder and harder to beat what you can do with a computer.

Can we expect more music from you this year?

We’re excited to be releasing another 5 singles this year, including some much bigger techno tracks than what we’ve released so far.

Finally, please can you recommend one piece of music that has especially resonated with you in the last few months…

This is such a weapon, such a cheeky track to mix in a set. That and Argy’s Tataki !! So banging!

Thank you for interviewing us, have a lovely day!

Thank you.

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