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Andre Crom - Circuit Braker

A highly energetic Circuit Breaker from Andre Crom

Andre Crom

He is the man behind OFF recordings and 2016 will mark a year full of major changes for him. He physically moved from Berlin to sunny Barcelona and made a huge step in his career from being primarily a DJ, to becoming a full-fledged music producer. Realizing that the foundation of becoming and staying an internationally relevant electronic music artist, is to become a really accomplished producer with a trademark sound.

Circuit Braker

Only recently Andre Crom released his EP ‘Circuit Breaker’ on his own imprint. Three tracks that feel like massive club bangers.

Opener, ‘Circuit’, is built upon a strong bass basis topped with interchanging percussion patterns. It gets a soft siren-synth sound addition throughout the track to mesmerize and to keep you locked in. ‘Breaker’, the second original, uses a powerful bassline enhanced with snappy percussion. This is surely one massive groove ready to take on the dance floor.

Italian based producer Whitesquare gets his share with his edit of ‘Breaker’. His version feels more mellow but keeps the techno vibe of the original. The main room techno drum patterns remain but it’s been tweaked into a suspenseful burning groove with some distorted yet energetic acid bassline. If you dare to move, then this is one to get your grip on.

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