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A fresh new sound from Aprapta.

Something totally fresh. An artist with a new moniker started a label with a similar name. A well-known German underground DJ/producer that now goes by the name Aprapta is about to change the musical landscape a with his minimal micro house. His first release is called “Pressure” and is out on his own label Aprapta Music. One seems the logical consequence of the other to release his own unique sound.

Have a listen to the infectious first track encompassing crazy samples, percussive sounds and insane vocals.

This is a great start to this new label and is one that promises plenty. Let’s hear it from the founder himself.

Hello there, how are things these days?
Hey, things are going well. A lot of promising releases are slowly coming together but I don’t want to reveal too much just yet.

Aprapta, a very unusual name. Want to tell us something about it?
The expression APRAPTA comes from the Mayan culture and describes a warrior who doesn’t give up, who reincarnates again and again. This name stands for a new beginning – a new musical project.

So then what’s the story behind the artist and the label?
I created this alter ego about five years ago. When I started being a musician for a living about a decade ago I had many ideas but was not yet able to realize them technical but with time comes experience and when the time was right I started producing the signature sound of APRAPTA. Finally founding a label with the same name was somehow the logical consequence as I wanted to be more than just an artist I wanted to create a platform for artists with a sophisticated approach on music.

On your website we can read the statement: “The sound of APRAPTA describes a mental retreat – a creative universe that invariably reinvents itself without following fads or fashion yet it is conceptually on point.” Does this count for the artist or the label?
It counts for both the artist and the label as they are both driven by the same claim to not compromise on the quality of music in favor of fame.

It feels like a fresh start. Unhappy about the past. Or enough of doing the same thing for a while?
Neither nor, I am very happy with my old project I simply wanted to create a second outlet for a different side of me.

Why the same name for the label as for the artist? No plans on releasing other’s work on your label?
Of course, there will be other artists on the label taking the same name is more of a spiritual thing. APRAPTA represents a philosophy so does the label as mentioned before.

You recently released your Pressure EP. Micro house with short cuts and a minimal sound. Is this the sound you were after all along?
Yes, this is the direction I am heading to.

We sure are a fan of this release. Infectious! Who are you trying to reach with this genre?
I want to reach people that understand that particular sound and appreciate it. The sound of APRAPTA is coming from deep within myself and I hope to reach people on a deeper level.

It’s released on vinyl. With a particular reason?
I wanted to preserve the uniqueness of this track and future tracks by releasing it on vinyl only – at least for now. I think it also has something to do with conscious consumption of music.

Aprapta’s “Pressure” is out now on Aprapta Music »

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