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Arude – Demure EP

Arude drops 4 dark & dreamy melodic techno gems

Here is a release that get’s me pretty enthusiastic. Deep, dark & melodic techno, just the way we like it over here. It’s the first appearance on the great Univack imprint for the Ukranian producer Arude. Hearing the EP it’s no surprise it appears on Univack. The label truly stands for a wide range of melodic club music: Deep Tech, Progressive, Melodic Deep House. “Demure” as Arude’s EP is called, perfectly blends in.

Univack had some fantastic releases the past: Problem Makers, Oovation, Andre Sobota and many more. Check out their website to find out.

“Demure” contains 4 fantastic originals. Opening track “Fargo” starts slow paced but kicks in a little later with some energetic melodic gated synths and a cool groovy beat. As you meander down the track it gets you in a hypnotic state of mind. Deep melodic love on this one.

“Side” is all about melodies orchestrated in such a way you’ll get those hips trained like a pro. “Space Illusion” on the other hand takes you as a dancer into slightly different territory. A very intense sensation which sure make this one a floor burner. This track can get me going for hours.

Last on the EP is the title track “Demure”. Soft synth sweeps with heavy tones create a dark and mysterious atmosphere.

All 4 tracks to me are gems. All 4 are dreamy melodic techno to enjoy to the last second. A brilliant release which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Hope to here more from “Arude” in the future.

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