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Problem Makers

Problem Makers release the absolutely energetic The Filmmaker EP

Filmmaker is finally here

We have been waiting for this release quite some time now. We asked them in our interview recently, but they did not want to mention the release date. They said they were working on something and a new release could be all that. Well they, being Problem Makers, are damn bastard! (LOL) Keeping things as a secret while asking for information and just nog giving in. Just kidding, they are great guys and we have been looking forward to this new release for a very very long time.

Madrid based Problem Makers debut ‘Die Leere’ was a bomb of a release and got featured in well respected music magazines as there are Dj Mag, Vicious Magazine and others. The Ep contained 2 killer originals and 2 remixes, all real dance floor detonators. A little while ago they send me the vinyl for which we are very grateful.

But now, almost one year later, they are back with ‘The Filmmaker’ EP, containing 3 pure melodic originals and 3 damn hot remixes by the hands of no other than David Granha, Krink and Pete Oak.

On ‘The Filmmaker’ EP we hear a slightly different approach. It’s more melodic than ‘Die Leere’, yet a little more melodramatic, less deep and bombastic. The opener, a slow paced melodic track, ‘Stages of Sleep’, creates a melancholic atmosphere. Trying to touch the listener’s emotions and imagination. This could be a score for a movie! Krink‘s remix explores the dark side of ‘Stages of Sleep’. Chopped up the original, added some haunting synth cuts, uplifting rolling beats and a stirring piano.

Second track ‘Soulshatter’ starts trippy in a progressive way. A banging beat with a dramatic synth layer, takes care of some obscurity. Coming out of ‘stages of Sleep’ this one sure is the last stage of sleep and is an eye opener. Club material for sure.

Yet David Granha, part of the Berlin based Steyoyoke family, adds this extra Steyokoke Ethereal sound on top. Love this one. Killer deep tech from the top shelf. Of all tracks, this sure is our favorite.

‘Gaia’ opens like a soft summer breeze blowing through your open window making the curtains wave. It creates that everlasting summer vibe. Very harmonic. Pete Oak‘s version is a little stomper. Very uplifting and highly energetic. You will be hearing this one a lot for sure.

Let me know what you think of it in the comments below. Curious about your thoughts!

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