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Don’t miss out on this one. Problem Makers – Die Leere (NSIS004)

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This is not new I am telling, but there is so much music out there and we have so little time. Why do radio stations spend so much time in playing the same tracks from major record labels over and over again while smaller (indie) labels have so much more to offer. We’ll guess that’s where hopefully small and bigger music blogs like ours come in and inform readers about the ear candies out there on the big interwebs.

So this EP is out already for a few months. We are talking about the debut album from Problem Makers called “Die Leere”. Don’t remember how I stumbled upon this EP, probably Soundcloud or in our Facebook news stream. The track that caught our attention was “Belladona” in the Undo remix. We turned numb for a little while and played it over and over again.

Released already in February via NoStyleIsStyle the fairly young imprint from Barcelona/Madrid. Grab your copy »

“Die Leere” contains 2 tracks and 2 phenomenal remixes, one by the hand of Ryan Davis and the other by Undo. Ryan Davis also made an elevating and hypnotizing remix of Oovation’s self titled track on his recent “Devotion” EP.

The two original tracks are of a deep and well driven techno with subtle melodic lines that are integrated and delicately produced from beginning to end.

Die Leere is a real detonator. Get a grip when you’re on the dance floor.

“Lacerta” is a captivating track that opens with a deep, low bass and then takes you on an dark melodic journey. The semi dark & heavy industrial sound you hear nowadays, going from Mind Against to Lunar Plane to Mano Le Tough, is well brought on this track. Problem Makers can play with the best out there.

Ryan Davis’ take on “Lacerta” contains a deep low-end soundscape with a militant vibe and great rhythmic patterns. Love this dark bass-heavy sound he created. A real detonator.

The track we love the most on the album is the remix of “Belladona”. The original is just as fantastic. Press play and it lifts you up. The atmosphere that is created on this jam simply is magical. Winding chords will take you on a trip, and a trip it is. In the middle it breaks and then the soft built up will take you towards a climax.

The remix by Undo simply grabs you by the throat like a pitbull and never lets go. The dark endless loop is just super. This would be the perfect ending for an epic night out.

So here you go. Hope you’ll enjoy with the same enthusiasm as we do.

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