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Belitu – Masters EP (ATR003)


It seems it only just started for these 2 Hungarian friends who call themselves Belitu. Releasing a second EP on Attaché Records called Masters.
With a sound that is influenced by different genres of dance music, atmospheric sound scapes and classical elements. Diversity it is.

The athmospheric energy and classical elements can clearly be heard on their first Forecast EP.

Belitu’s new release is slightly different in a way that it is a little more house influenced. The release contains 3 original tracks. All 3 are squelchers, ready for dancefloor usage.

Opening with ‘Pablo’ is the best choice as it grabs you by the throat and does not let go until you get all sweaty. Captivating might be the right word of choice.

Next is ‘Salvador’. A little of the edge, more dark with a deep bassline. It layers an amorphous sound with Detroit-influenced synths and a very deep bassline with a soft clap. Hypnotizing.

Then for last but not the least, ‘Leonardo’. Still will not let you go off that floor. It’s a slightly faster and more energetic track, with alien synths and a rhythmical bassline.

In short. Great EP that is heavilly recommended.

Rating: 4/5
Label: Attaché Records
Release ?
Format: Digital

Track list:

  1. Pablo
  2. Salvador
  3. Leonardo

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