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Bervon, an ambitious Brazilian techno talent on the rise.

Bervon, an ambitious Brazilian Techno star on the rise

It hasn’t been long since Bervon showed up in South Brazil’s electronic scene. What for many may represent a short space of time to consider being good at in a profession, for him we can say that it was the right amount of time. Young, but ambitious, the producer already conquered some big achievements, such as passing through Noise Music, Cartel Recordings, Soundscape OFF, Hotstage Records and ODD Recordings, already counting with the support of artists like Wehbba.

Beyond that, it’s easy to acknowledge a real music lover before our eyes, and the conducting energy that moves him. He also owns another project called New Old Technology, alongside Brazilian tarter, a hybrid life that unites two generations for a powerful delivery. Besides that, there’s still time to be ahead of the Música Eletrônica Solidária, a philanthropic project between artists and producers that makes events to raise donations for centres for vulnerable women, children, among others.

We recently had a chat with Bervon to learn a bit more about him as an artist. Check it out!

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Bervon, how are you? Thank you for this interview. Well, when I got to know your story, the impression I had was that you breathe Techno. How did this love start?

On the dance floor. I started going to clubs and festivals, getting to know many new styles and artists until the moment when I realized I was already in love.

You seem to be young and have a short career span, but you’ve advanced pretty fast, why do you think this happened?

I believe that every effort gets results, my achievements are the result of my dedication to getting better and seeking what I want 🙂

Let’s talk about labels: how did these connections happen? Did you send the demos unpretentiously? Tell us a little about the process…

For every label, I think before sending something. Quite often, I make the tracks thinking about them, and, in this case, it wasn’t different. The music has to make sense of the label’s identity, so I got the eps right by thinking about it. 

Your new project New Old Technology, alongside tarter, promises to bring the force of different generations together. As part of this project, how do you see this? What part does each of you have in this project?

We are the union of two forces. Both have a lot to add on different sides. I admire tarter a lot for the way he performs live. And I learn so much from him on this part. So, I see myself adding more to producing the tracks as well as coming up with ideas for the live shows.

In one of your last gigs of 2021, you put a Brazilian funk in the middle of your set and it was cathartic. What was the idea? Is that something you look for in your sets? Giving a pretty polemic moment…

I always try to innovate and give something to talk about when performing. I decided to try something different and it worked out very well.

About that, how did it feel when you could play again? Seeing music lovers on the dancefloors?

It’s an inestimable joy to be performing at so many cool parties in different cities. I’ve always been very well-received and I’m already getting ready for the next one.

And future plans? What’s coming?

On February 4th I’ll be coming back to Momentum on Club Vibe bringing Melgazzo and Daniella Alcantara with me. Two artists that I appreciate a lot. There’s a lot going on and I’m very happy with that. Soon I’ll be sharing it all with you <3

Thank you

Interview done by Maria Angélica Parmigiani

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