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“Best advice? ‘Stay true to yourself'” ~ Jas/t

French DJ and producer Jaz/t recently had a new single out on Phonique’s new label Zatar Music. We caught up with him in between a busy touring schedule to get the lowdown. 

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Thanks for talking to us today – how’s the year been treating you so far?

The year has been full of surprises and challenges, but they’ve only pushed me to be more creative.

First of all, we want to get to know you “from the beginning”. How did your history with music begin?

My musical journey began in my childhood, influenced by my parents’ diverse CD and MP3 collection, especially ’80s music. I’ve always had an affinity for synthetic music, and the electro scene of 2013/2014 further cemented my passion. I played the piano from age 10 to 14. Soon after, I delved into music production, with synthesizers and their harmonies captivating me even more.

You had a busy summer of bookings in France – were there any standouts from the different events you played?

Each performance held its unique charm, but my 2 gigs at Le Petit Salon truly stand out. It’s undeniably one of Lyon’s premier clubbing destinations.

What is the local scene like in Lyon? Is there a particular style or sound that fans there tend to gravitate towards?

Lyon is a musical hub, filled with a mix of genres from techno and funk to rap. Being a part of XLR has been a pivotal experience for me. This isn’t just a collective; it’s a thriving community that promotes creativity and growth. Arty Farty, responsible for the renowned Nuits Sonores festival in May, stands out for its diverse techno offerings. The scene also includes influential collectives like Flemme Records, 23:59, and many others. They’ve all played a significant role in shaping my journey and the techno culture in Lyon.

Tell us how you hooked up with Phonique for the single. Were you a fan of his music previously?

My bond with Ark Nomads, who have a close association with Phonique, paved the way for our collaboration. I’ve admired his work for quite a while.

What does your current studio set up look like? Lots of hardware, or are you mainly ‘out of the box’ type producers?

My setup leans heavily towards ‘out of the box’ nowadays, thanks to technology offering immense creative freedom. However, I still hold dear to select hardware pieces, some of which are primarily MIDI controllers. Key components include my Arturia Minibrute, Maschine MK2 for drums, and the Arturia Keylab Controller — all crucial to my sound.

What should we be looking out for from you in the next few months?

Anticipate a single by year-end, followed closely by a beautifully crafted EP in collaboration with some talented artists. I’m truly ecstatic about it. Additionally, expect some unique video captations with Alyv, a video media project I’m undertaking with two close friends.

What is the best advice you ever received as an artist?

“Stay true to yourself.” While it might sound cliché, in a rapidly changing industry, this principle has always guided me.

Anything else you’d like to tell us…?

A sincere thanks to all my listeners and supporters, it’s just the beginning of my project.

Thank you.

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