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Bobby Nourmand releases Life On Mars. Dancefloor-oriented killer tracks.

Bobby Nourmand’s fascinating snapshot of what makes the man tick musically: Life on Mars

LIFE ON MARS is the latest release by LA-based DJ/producer Bobby Nourmand. A fascinating snapshot of what makes the man tick musically, it features a range of catchy, killer tracks that are really begging for the dancefloor treatment. With the release just out, we thought it a good time to put some choice questions to Mr. Nourmand. Here’s what went down…

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How are you, what’s good and bad? 

Everything is great. Obviously the pandemic brought a ton of adversity globally. The lack of connection and ability to connect in person with friends, loved ones and peers, brought on hardships for us all both physically and mentally. However, I have taken this as an opportunity to focus within, on my health, family, relationships and career. The peace and quiet time alone to think, grow and manifest a brighter future was a critical process for what’s to come. 

What would you like to see change about the dance world once we all return?

More creativity, oneness and gratitude for our global connection. For all of us as artists to use our platforms to create with the intention to elevate and connect to our listeners, regardless of the noise of what is going on in the world. To use our music as an offering to our audiences to escape and heal themselves whether they’re at our shows or in the privacy of their own listening experiences. 

How did you survive last year? What did you learn about yourself?

The past year has been filled with many gifts along with opportunities of growth. The biggest present being the birth of our daughter. This has been the most inspirational time of my life as an artist. Spending time in the studio, daily awaiting her arrival, was essential in staying present. The intro track to LIFE ON MARS, SAGE, was an insightful journey and first interaction with my daughter prior to her birth. We decided to name her after this song. Her arrival has brought a ton of light, happiness, personal growth, purpose and perspective to every aspect of my life. 

Another gift was the ability to take time to switch gears and gather the fruits of all the time I spent creating to plan and release what I have been working on for the past several months and years. My belief is that we as artists are a conduit of energy that are inspired by an intangible being much larger than life. All our “talents” and abilities have been gifts for us to share with others. So, without sharing our experiences and passing it on, there becomes a block in the reciprocation of the natural cycle of it all.  

Tell us how you got to where you are – what has your musical journey been like?

Music has always been a part of my life. Since I was a child, it always needed to be on. Whether it was disco, classic rock, hip hop or soul. The past few years have been filled with accomplishments and accolades which were beyond my imagination. From signing records to labels which were across the world, getting support from Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 essential mix, topping shazam’s dance chart and playing Tomorrowland, this musical journey has been nothing short of magic. 

What inspired the new Life On Mars EP? What was the aim of it?

The inspiration for LIFE ON MARS was a mix of many ingredients. The nearing birth of my daughter coupled with pure passion and a burning desire to journey within. It was a calling to clear the air in preparation for her arrival. This EP started off with the ritual of burning SAGE with the intention of cleansing the energy while creating a sacred space for connection.

Bobby Nourmand’s Life on Mars EP is out now via Deep in the Night. Buy/listen to the release here

Are you a big space lover? Why so? Do you think we should be colonising another planet when we messed up our own so much?

Space, the universe and other galaxies have always been a source of my creativity because it would be foolish to believe that there is nothing else out there. At some point we might be able to inhabit and colonize other planets. Hopefully, this will be a choice and not a necessity.

Is it weird writing music without any club feedback or any event party experiences?

They’re separate. Every experience presents new opportunities. Writing music withdrawn from the personal experience will probably lead us all to offer our audiences a much deeper connection to ourselves. However, I’m very excited to get out and connect with you all. We are overdue.

What gear do you have in the studio? hardware or software? Do you care about the tools you use?

A combination of both. Most of the tracks on this EP were made on my synthesizers and done in one take. My last release on Moscoman’s DISCO HALAL label, all ‘VISIONS’ was 14 minutes long which I went back and edited. I love using analogue gear because it captures the magic of the moment. Hit record and let it out. 

Software is great too because there wouldn’t be enough space otherwise.

What else have you got coming up on a musical and personal level that’s really exciting you right now?

LIFE ON MARS REMIX Ep will be out June 18th, on my LA based label, DITN Records. With a remix of ‘FADE’ done by an italian artist signed to correspondant along with a ‘SANTO’ remix by one of my favorite producers currently a Berlin based artist signed to watergate/tau/correspondant who is absolutely crushing both the indie dance scene and charts. 

Bobby Nourmand’s Life on Mars EP is out now via Deep in the Night. Buy/listen to the release here

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