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Copini is conquering the world with techno music.

One more Brazilian conquering the world with Techno: meet Copini

Contributing to putting strength into the Brazilian Techno scene, Pedro Copini has shown himself, every day, to be a name to follow in tropical lands. In his twenties, the artist had a rather early career in construction, which began at the age of thirteen and quickly climbed positions, conquering the international spotlight.

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After an exchange program studying music in Amsterdam, Copini returned to Brazil and in a short time has already released an EP by Vintage Music Label (UK) signed by the pseudonym Mantrah and founded the Green House Club event, born with the intention of inserting underground techno culture into its region, Toledo (PR).

With almost five years into music production, he can already be proud of reaching the top of the Beatport charts, as he did in “Umbra”, in partnership with Melgazzo, signed by Hotstage, a label commanded by the iconic DJ Murphy and Spuri, both Brazilians.

But visiting such rankings was not an isolated fact. He also charted with his release via Prisma Techno, reaching the sixth position in the Melodic Techno genre. On top, Copini also conquered a strong signature on Cold Harbor Black, in addition, the support from a super artist: Markus Schulz. The latter invited the young artist to sign one of his parties during the 2021 Amsterdam Dance Event, an immeasurable feat in the Brazilian’s career, who can be found alongside names like ANNA, Wehbba and TERR.

After returning from the festival, the producer and DJ prepared for a Latin American tour which will start in a few weeks, passing through Santiago, Valparaíso and Antofagasta (Atacama Desert), in Chile. He also got new gigs scheduled in Lisbon and Guimarães, in Portugal.

To warm up, you can also check out the recently released video, which was recorded directly from the Amstel River, in Amsterdam!

Article written by Maria Angélica Parmigiani

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