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Brazilian artist, LuizFribs.

Brazilian producer LuizFribs reinforces roots in Hard/Acid Techno with his new release, Perception

It may be that Melodic Techno is one of the most tasted styles by Brazilians, however, the classic ferocity of Hard and Acid Techno is something that will always have a special place for lovers of Techno, especially those who lived their peak in the 90s. 

 LuizFribs is one of the artists who does not hide his passion for the classic and brutal acidity of Hard/Acid, which dominates many tracks of the dark corners of Berlin and is present in much of his releases. Aggressive melodies, fast rhythm, powerful Bassline and strident Synths make the producer’s signature a mix of nostalgia for the old Trance of the early ’90s, with modern and robust Techno.

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 After great releases by Nin92wo, Autektone, Reload and IAMT in the previous months, LuizFribs now delivers an EP that is an invitation to an acid and disruptive sound journey. Perception comes with two tracks that are a real passport to the manic trance, through “Perception” and “Sympathy”, while the third track, “Hard Drive”, softens the speed with good doses of groove and numbing synths.

 “The first tracks, ‘Perception’ and ‘Sympathy’, are completely influenced by 90s Techno and Trance aesthetics. The characteristic rolling bass I used in Perception comes specially from tracks like ‘The House of House’, 1998 classic by Cherry Moon Trax. In Sympathy, on the other hand, the punchier and more distorted kick and also the darker drums’ high frequency are influenced by tracks like ‘The Bells’, from the master Jeff Mills, and ‘Born Slippy’, by Underworld.

 For the release’s last track, Hard Drive, I wanted to showcase my other side that enjoys listening and playing Electro’s broken beats, so I paid tribute to one of the biggest names in the genre, Anthony Rother, and also was inspired by one of my biggest references on music, Kraftwerk. This track wasn’t built thinking specifically on the dancefloor, but it can also be played some moments in the sets.” 

The single has just been released independently and is available on LuizFribs’ Soundcloud channel and also on Spotify: 

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