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Caldera – Let them Talk/Sunday Business (SOMO 003)

Just like his first release on the Berlin based record label sonic moiré, Caldera comes with a free for download EP.

The German (Duisburg) DJ/producer continues with the same style and impulsiveness. Deep and dubby sounds on this EP called ‘Let them Talk/Sunday Business’ that was released last October. Using fine vocal samples percussive interplay and thrilling musical arrangements Caldera releases a very exceptional EP.

The rugged simplicity of the production and the dark athmosphere Caldera creates on both tracks make this ‘Let them Talk/Sunday Business’ EP exceptional.

The first track ‘Let Them Talk’, is an obvious dance invitation with great percussion & dry kicks. The other track on the EP is called ‘Sunday Business’, a little more uptempo but still using the great dry kicks that were used on ‘Let them talk’. Fantastic use of vocal samples and the tapping rhythms pull you towards the dancefloor. This one feels like a deep Detroit house track with a dub layer.

Caldera sonic moiré

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