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Casta releasing some very nice tech-house music

Casta brings tech house bangers for the world

If you’ve been missing your monthly dose of Modarn tunes, well you better get ready because Modarnity is back for 2022, bringing you a banging EP from Casta (USA) titled Look At Yourself.

CASTA comes with tech-house bangers for the world. Previously released on labels like deepNheat, Gezvolt Records, Hot Chili Records, and now lands on Modarnity with his latest release. The two-track EP Look At Yourself is packed full of dirty leads and synths, groovy basslines and hooky vocals.

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Welcome Casta… can you start by telling us a bit about your background, both personally and musically? 

I am a Mexican born tech house producer. I grew up in Orange County, California, but currently residing in SLC, UT. I love dogs, food, music, and gaming.

You’ve said your goal is to make people fall in love with house music… can you recall the moment that this happened for you?

It was the 2019  Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. I planned to meet up with a friend at the Stereo Bloom stage. It was my first time at that stage and the music playing there captivated me. Since then, I’ve been in love with house music, specifically tech house. 

Look At Yourself is a two-tracker, with two seriously punchy records. How do you ensure they are dancefloor-ready before you put music out? Do you test when you’re DJing, and send to other people to do that same? 

Yeah, when I get enough positive feedback about a track and at the same time I’m feeling it, that’s when I know it’s ready to put out.

A large part of the art of production is knowing when to stop, rather than keep on adding. How do you know when a track is finished, and avoid over tweaking it? 

It’s simple really, if I’m not feeling I stop. Then once I’m ready, I get back on it. I know a track is finished when I can listen to it and dance to it without criticizing it.

Look At Yourself lands on Modarnity… how did you hook up with the label for the EP? 

I hit up Tau0n a while back and he liked my sound so eventually he got me on Modarnity. Super grateful for that!

You used to produce different genres – what kind of music did you make, and what made you settle on house music? 

At first, I started producing trap/dubstep sort of tracks. Then one day I heard Fisher’s “You Little Beauty” out of nowhere and I thought it would be easy enough to recreate a track like that (which turned out to be not so easy) and the rest is history.

You have a self-confessed penchant for “beefy, groovy basslines”. For you, what’s the greatest bassline on a house record? 

I’ll have to say the greatest bassline on a house record was Deadmau5 – Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff

What else does 2022 hold in store for Casta? 

Lots of new music.

Finally, can you recommend one record that’s been unfairly slept on so far this year? 

Oh, absolutely! have got to be: Dead Space & G. Felix – Mighty Real, one of my all-time favourite tracks that have been definitely slept on.

Thank you.

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