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Citizen Kain Live Drums

Citizen Kain Live Drums

Citizen Kain live

After a decade, his club banger Doppelgänger still rules the dance floors. He gave it a second life lat year and still sounds phenomenal. We are talking about Bruno Demougeot who goes under the moniker Citizen Kain. Being born and raised in Montpellier (France), he was a real fan of punk rock and hardcore music which led him to play the guitar in some bands. This for sure was a step to a future career on stage as a DJ and live act. Citizen Kain is one of those producers whose sound isn’t really easy to define, with a raw style of techno that surpassed minimal with brilliant, melodic undertones he always presents his incredible skills.

He has been working on a new live act since 2016 which he hoped to showcase in 2017. Last April a first live set was played at the Panoramas Festival and by looking at the video below it must have been amazing.

Citizen Kain extended with a live drummer to add the extra dimension. It’s an interaction between these 2 artists that generate a lot of energy and becomes an explosive cocktail. One waiting for the another to interact in the form of a question/answering game. While one hits the drum or plays a sample, the other responding accordingly, resulting in a vivid live show with more deepness.

Can’t wait to see this show somewhere around.

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