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Clawz SG – Gwendoline EP (BW014)

A little while ago We Need Cracks’ – Paper Mill EP was released. A suberb EP that contained a blissfully medolic house remix from Clawz SG.

We received a message from Blendwerk Music letting us know about an upcoming release from Clawz SG. The French artist will take care of the 14e installement on the imprint. His new release is called ‘Gwendoline’ and is a dedication to his 2 daughters and his wife.

If you like your house deep, melodic and ambient, than this EP is the one for you.

The first track, dedicated to his daughter ‘Gwendoline’, is a real beauty. With this one he created a very deep ambient athmosphere in which you can get lost. Star-gazing melodies that take you and a trip through space. This track feels like it can be played on and on, over and over again.

‘Laetitia’, devoted to his wife, is more progressive but still has that ambient athmosphere of ‘Gwendoline’ with even more peculiar & mysterious synth lines.

Next up is called ‘Ilona’. A beautiful name for a daughter. A great deep bass line and dark ambient. This one is a club banger that gets you on your feet for sure. The guys from We Need Cracks make it even more premium with their own magic touch. We seem to recgonize a blown up sample of Ten Wall’s ‘Walking with elephants’ in it. Hell of a remix with its massive synths of an already magical original.

First remix on the EP comes from the 2 label heads Ivan Rayt and Igor Born aka E-Spectro who give a dark and progressive spin on the techno wheel to create a captivation version of the opening track ‘Gwendoline’. Keeping the deep ambient athmosphere of the original but adding a mystical & melodic layer.

Clawz SG Clawz SG

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