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Interview Clio

Clio talks about his recent release “Think of you”

We have been holding this interview for a few weeks now. Busy times. But it was a nice chat we had with Karim who goes under the moniker “Clio“. He’s been releasing some damn nice music on some great labels like Drumcode, 8Bit, Noir and so on. In the time we did the interview, Clio just released his latest EP “Think of you” on Adam Beyers Truesoul imprint. We had a listen and thought it was splendid. So we contacted his manager and arranged a little chat whcih you can find below. Hope you’ll like it.

Clio talks about his recent and past work.

How are things nowadays?
Looks like we live in a pretty much crazy world to be honest. Just trying to avoid the “bad” news thing and focussing on my projects.

Do you think music will help when all these bad things are happening at the moment around us?
I would stick to this Bob Marley quote: “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”.

You recently released “Think of you”. Great tech house infused release with some housy flavors. Love it. Want to tell us something about it?
I produced this track last year during winter time. I wanted it to be very dynamic in terms of groove and bass. I’ve been using FM8 synth for the melody and Reaktor 5 plugins. In my opinion, it’s one of my best track recently and I felt very happy when Adam Beyer decided to sign it on Truesoul.

It’s full of energy. Does it reflect you as a person? Do you put everything you’ve got in a release? What’s your approach?
The music I produce totally reflects who I am when I am in the studio. I want it to be effective, I want it to be hypnotic, warm, soulful and creative. I avoid following trends also, I prefer to work on my own style which is thousand times more fun !

You’ve been doing nice things on great labels like Drumcode, Noir, Saved … What do you feel is your best work thus far?
I think it’s a tough question as I’m always satisfied with the tracks I sign. Let’s say that the track which always gets me “Techno Frequencies”. Just because I cut almost every sounds in the main break,and then it becomes devilish. 😉

A while ago you dropped “I Need You” on 8Bits records. Totally different than your recent work. It’s sublime and summer proof, hence even winter proof. Why the different genres? Do you love the different approaches?
Let’s say that my repertoire covers pretty much a wide range of the “electronic spectrum” if can say so. I simply love house music as much as I love techno. I can’t stick to one genre and make the same thing over and over. It’s good for my creativity as well, I can explore genres and see what I’m able to do….or not. 😉

What’s next? New work on A Kraftek Joint? Was this why you did a remix for the label? Great remix by the way!
Well, yes I did a remix for Pleasurekraft,thanks to my buddy Matt Sassari who gave them my contact. Kaveh contacted me for a remix and I ended up sending him demo tracks too. It will be techno oriented,let’s say it’s kind of a follow up of my EP on Truesoul.

Well, I think so ! When it comes to dj-ing I actually play everything from house to tech house and techno…which are the styles I’m producing 😉

What’s your favorite set so far and why?
The last time I played @ Ritter Butzke in Berlin was actually my favorite because I had to open a room. It was a bit of a challenge for me because I had to keep the flow going and thankfully people enjoyed the music I played and partied with me till the end of my set.

Where are you based now? What’s the local scene like there? What do you find inspirational about where you’re living?
I’m based in Berlin, I moved there during summertime 6 years ago and never left since then. lol Well,as pretty much everyone knows, the scene is very active. U can meet tons of DJ’s and producers which is a cool thing. I don’t know if Berlin influenced my style much, but I would say I learned discipline here.

Where do you draw your creative influences from?
I think it comes from the weed I’m smoking every day, to be honest. lol

Some off-topic questions.
What’s the coolest thing in your house?
My collection of pictures of graffiti
The first music you ever paid for?
I think it was for Daft Punk’s “Homework” album.
Your favorite record at the moment?
Spencer Parker – Spatial – Answer Code Request rmx – Work Them records.
What makes you happy?
Being inspired, good food, good weed and lovely animals. lol


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