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A genre could be Synthwave because of the synths and the occasional 80’s vibe – but with modern sound design and mix techniques.

Code Elektro – Wolf

About a year ago we had a very nice interview with Martin Ahm Nielsen aka Code Elektro. We talked about his debut album ‘SUPERSTRINGS’ and about how his sound sounds like. Today we can announce Code Elektro’s second album. To be released again on Iceberg Records and is called ‘Wolf’. 11 tracks in total, ranging from NIN-alike sounds to some more Jarre & Vangelis alike sounds. The album is very divers in sound but all within his very own style with the use of synths and just like on ‘Superstrings’ some 80’s vibes.

This album is one to play often. First to hear what it’s about, second time to hear all the details and after that to enjoy it as much as you can.

First track starts with a heavy wind and howling wolves followed by a dramatic score as an overture. Very nice opening for the album and can surely count as an intro. It doesn’t reveal much of what to expect next. Second track and title track ‘Wolf’ nicely hooks in and slowly becomes heavy and reminds of NIN. Love this track a lot.

Gently flowing over to ‘Scandinavia’, the third track, Code Elektro captures the moment and slows down the pace of the album. From here on the entire album can be a soundtrack for a futuristic movie: a new Mad Max or Blade Runner perhaps?

Ground Control to Major Tom. The 5th track feels like an ode to David Bowie. Feels very sentimental, like drifting in space staring at the blue color of the Earth. Unreachable. Strong and powerful work this is. All tracks that follow are just as sublime. But there is one that caught our attention a bit more. The second last track is called ‘N3ON’ and sounds like it’s made in the 80’s. Often we hear the the rolling sound of ‘Anne Clark’s Sleeper in Metropolis‘. An amazing track. Code Elektro uses the subtle sound that is a bit similar which make this track outstanding.

Martin does a very nice job with this second release ‘Wolf’, infusing it with very nice synth rhythms that sound fresh and some a bit from the 80’s. But what’s most remarkable, is that it’s filled with real emotion.

This is one to have in your collection! It’s also available on vinyl, so don’t hold back if you are a fan.

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