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Despacio Soundsystem by James Murphy and 2Many Dj’s


Despacio Soundsystem

Last week you could find us in Barcelona during the Sonar 2014 week. We attended many parties that took place in and around the city. We took part of several workshops of which LittleBits was one of the greatest. Another great, undescribable experience was Despacio.

Despacio meaning ‘slow’ is all it is. Slow balearic, remixed new wave, oldies and hip wigglin’ tunes. Instant smiles appear on people faces once the music starts playing. It’s a unique clubbing experience you will never ever experience again. Unless you attend another Despacio!

It’s powered by McIntosh Laboratory Inc and it presents itself as an astonishing sound system formed of seven 11-foot towers of speakers and amps arranged in a circle, with the sum total of 50,000 watts of McIntosh power. The sound you hear is pure. You will hear every crack in all vinyls played.

The three of them, James Murphy and both Dewaele brothers, shared the work in the dj booth, playing only vinyl from their own exclusive private collections, and this for a six-hour-long set that happened during all three days of the Sónar by Day event. Some of us have been to all 3 shows. Guess that’s sais enough.

Despacio will have its very own tent in the Silver Hayes area during the Glastonbury festival. And like Sonar by day will be its very own festival within a festival. Despacio is pure happiness! There are no other words for it. So do enter the Despacio arena if you are about to go to Glastonbury.

Watch what our 3 vinyl masters have to say about the Despacio experience:

Here’s someone who recreated the atmosphere with tracks he heard during the Despacio shows:

It matters little whether you are an artist or a visitor, the love for music is the unifying factor.

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