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Pete Sabo

Digging deeper with Pete Sabo about SABO|TAGE

Pete Sabo is not only known for his driving and melodic techno as well as house productions in the international scene. His releases take place on labels like Bunny Tiger and Spinnin’, while his podcasts find a home-like Mixmag and other media. Above all, he has become known for his live project including Orchestra. But more about that in the following interview with him.

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You have been in business for several years and have released on big labels like Spinnin’, Bunny Tiger and even major labels. What was your biggest release success so far?
To be honest, this is hard to say. But I think my release with “Who Knows” on Spinnin Records is one of the really outstanding releases. It reached more than 1 Million plays only on Soundcloud and was supported by the big players of the business like Pete Tong. The feedback by the community and the media landscape was amazing. Nevertheless, other successful releases of mine on Kittball or Bunny Tiger gave me a push as well. In the end, it’s the addition of all productions and remixes I guess.

As a DJ you are on the road a lot and still take time for other projects. Please tell us about your project SABO|TAGE – a live concept between DJing and orchestra?
This is like a dream come true. I am working with the Bruckner University Orchestra to realize my project called SABO|TAGE. It’s like a fusion between DJing and classical orchestra. Beats and Groove hitting Melody from live instruments. It was always my aim to reach for something really special and outstanding, so I am very proud to work on this. We have performed in Linz, Vienna and some other cities and amazing venues until now and the feedback is amazing. And to be honest, you can’t even imagine how much joy I have performing together with the orchestra.

It was always my aim to reach for something really special and outstanding.

You just played with the orchestra at Europe’s biggest charity event, the LIFE BALL in Vienna. How can one imagine that – how do you succeed in interacting with the musicians? Do you have to rehearse a lot beforehand?
Oh yes, the show at LIFE BALL was really awesome. It’s one of Europe biggest charity events. The interacting between me as a DJ and the orchestra makes the show so unique I guess. Breaks become to powerfull happenings and arrangements and mixing full of energy and atmosphere. And yes, it’s all about readiness before the shows. I am working hard in the studio, on edits and the arrangement itself. I have to think about every part and piece in the tracks I play and how I can edit them so they get performable. After that I am working with the orchestra, to develop a certain vibe and flow. The results are still giving me the shivers.

Pete Sabo - Orchestra

Did you previously have access to classical music or was it new territory for you?
There is a kind of musical history in my family, which means different kinds of music did play a role in my life and my childhood. So I think this early connection to music is the key to my passion for music, for working in the studio and performing as a DJ in the clubs. And at least, doing this amazing project.

What are your plans for the live concept – what would be your dream?
There is no really strategy behind it. In the beginning it was just one of my crazy ideas, which became true. The idea is to bring the shows to more great venues and connect people of all kind with this musical journey from electronic music like deep house and techno to classic. After the first shows we have some requests from South Korea and other foreign countries, so let’s see where all this goes!

As a DJ you also play a lot on Mallorca and Ibiza – could you imagine living on one of the islands or do you prefer the mountains of Austria?
I spend a lot of time on the islands, so sometimes it feels like living there. I enjoy the weather, the beautiful landscape and countryside, the people and Mediterranean food and all this kind of stuff. But I am always full of piece when I return to Austria. I am totally in love with the mountains and nature here.

What else does the year look like for Pete Sabo?
More shows with the orchestra for sure and besides the live show I am really looking forward to the festival season this year. Some remixes and releases are in the pipeline as well. Can‘t wait to present them to you. And after my latest mixes for Ibiza Global Radio and MIXMAG Adria I‘ll try to find some time to do another new mix for the summer!

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