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Attracted by dark grooves and hypnotic ambients. Introducing DOBé.

Berlin-based DJ and producer DOBé started his professional career in 2018 as an opener for Black Coffee in Munich and quickly got booked by clubs all over Europe. Then in 2019, he visited China for the first time, where he did 5 shows in different cities. The rapid growth of his fan base allowed him to perform at big festivals like Burning Man, Afrika Burn, and Feel Festival.

DOBé’s shows are characterized by dark acoustic elements and deep sounds that subtly transition into a more melodic rhythm driving his audience into a euphoric mood. His music can be described as Techno with borrowed elements from Deep Tech and Acid House which make a very groovy and hypnotic mix.

As a producer, DOBé released 2 EPs that immediately got the support of established producers and DJs like Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Ilario Alicante, Township Rebellion, Paco Osuna, Electronic Groove, and Ibiza Live Radio among others, and entered the Top 20 Beatport Techno Charts after just one week. 

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Hey hey, we hope all is ok? And welcome to Tanzgemeinschaft.

Hey guys, it’s a pleasure. Thanks for having me. 

How are things going these days?

Really good. I just finished my first Australia tour a few days ago and now I have some days off to recharge and explore a bit of the country!

How would you describe yourself as an artist? 

My shows are characterized by dark acoustic elements and deep sounds that subtly transition into a more melodic rhythm driving the audience into a euphoric mood. My music can be described as Techno with borrowed elements from Deep Tech and Acid House which make a very groovy and hypnotic mix.

Covid isn’t completely gone, but life is much better. Many of us have picked up some new interests and skills since the pandemic began. Have you acquired any new skills or hobbies? 

During covid, I spent a lot of my time in the studio and have greatly improved my production skills. Now I’m definitely on another level and I can’t wait to share all the new music soon!

The work you produce is more techno-oriented. Great sounds. Any particular reason you produce this genre and not any other genre?

Thank you! Yeah, I would say I’m somewhere between deep tech and melodic techno. 

I never chose a genre where I want to end up. I just started producing music and trying to turn my emotions and feelings into music and this was the result.

How did producing start out for you? What was the trigger to start creating your own music?

When I started djing I  immediately thought about creating my own music. I’ve always had my own vision of music, even as a child, and was inspired by a wide variety of artists from hip hop to rock. I wanna bring that to the table, so I started producing already half a year after I started djing.

What are some key elements that define your sound? Do you have a signature sound you integrate into your music?

Definitely, one key element is a proper bassline. I’m always trying to incorporate dark elements with harmonic synths.

Sometimes it‘s pure techno sparkled with some acid bits, deep-tech depths, or the rush of maximal vibes, while some deep and melodic lines arise with delight and subtlety. 

And when it comes to your field, producing, are there any particular ideas or pioneers that you go back to frequently or who really influence your thinking about the work you do?

I have no particular ideas or pioneers where I’m going back when it comes to my productions because my own ideas of music are creating my productions. 

But there are a lot of different influences, mostly from other genres than techno. At home, I listen most of the time to Hiphop, Jazz and Classic. Those genres give me a lot of inspiration.

Any new upcoming work you want to tell the Tanzgemeinschaft readers about?

Yes, I have two EPs ready that will be released at the end of the year and in the first quarter of 2023. In my eyes, I have made a huge step forward with those productions and I can’t wait to release them. 

I also did a remix for Ryan Murgatroyd and Mark Valsecchi, two incredibly talented producers from South Africa!

So get ready for a lot of new music.

Who are your musical or audio heroes and why? Or even new artists that impress you?

Dr. Dre is a producer and Tupac is an artist. Dr. Dre shaped and defined an entire era of a genre and established diverse artists at the forefront of the music industry.

Tupac combined street rap with poetry, social criticism, and soul like no other and brought the energy with his music that has never been equaled again.

Someone just said that the world will end in 10 mins during your DJ set, what would be your last track?

DOBé – 201120

Thank you.

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