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Dominik Eulberg – Spülsaum (Traum V188)

We got a message from Traum Schallplatten a while ago about the upcoming release from Dominik Eulberg. The release is called Spülsaum. We kept it for ourselves and played it over and over again as it is simply fantastic. But we have lost track of time and by now everyone should have heard this great new one by the master of nature sounds as it has been released this week. If not, then, well, go listen!

It’s been a while. Eight months to be precise if we follow the label’s information. Dominik has been touring and still is – unfortunately, we always miss his passages – and he has been setting up a new studio in the meantime. Knowing Dominik, he probably also has been wandering in nature for his well-known sounds.

But as said, he is back with a new release, digital and on vinyl. We think that you all should have a listen as we really do love this new one called Spülsaum. Pure Eulberg style, heartwarming sounds and the great vibe he always has on all his albums.

New information for us, but it seems to be that Dominik Eulberg used to be a park ranger. For that reason it makes sense that he uses so much sounds from nature in his work. Spülsaum goes back to that era in his life were he guided tours in Wangerooge (Nationalparkhaus Rosenhaus, Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer).

Hühnergott feels like music that is not written predominately for DJs or clubs but for his own well-being. Listening to this track gives a warm, glowing feeling. Its melodic touch elevates and feels like a fairytale, full of colors, with a strong longing for a vast expansive landscape but also for the microscopic animosities of the flora and fauna. Just listen and smile. (Hunnergott according to Wikipedia)

Meerjungfrauenportemonnaie. What’s in a name. Lots of ting ting & string sounds that make your head spin round. Combined with a a soft beat and a great melody make this a fantastic track. It might not be for clubs, we sure can dance on it. All night if on repeat.

Then the last track, Unechte Wendeltreppe. Too bad it’s only 3 tracks actually. After Meerjungfrauenportemonnaie we got the hang of it and got in the zone. This last one is not the same as the other 2 tracks. It has a sharp edge, feels more rough. More techno with distorted sequences. This one for sure is our favorite on the EP.

Meerjungfrauenportemonnaie might be more for dancing, Hühnergott and Unechte Wendeltreppe ares for the lovers of the Dominik Eulberg sound.


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